Day 12: Food Naan-sense

Last week, Shaggers Picchu’s Blog posted and linked some of her favorite recipes. I’m always interested in new cooking experiences, so I clicked through the links. I thought I’d like the Feta Quiche, but that was loaded with mushrooms. I don’t do mushrooms. I will think about what else I can substitute for the mushrooms. However, the Naan bread piqued my interest. Recently, I bought some Naan for pizza crust, but it was rather pricey for the three pieces.

I read through the recipe, but discovered it had yeast. My heart dropped a bit, I don’t have very good luck with yeast. Apparently I’m execute yeast with the heat of the water. So after a moment of hesitation, I added the ingredients to my shopping list. Yeast, you will not defeat me!

With the support of my brother-in-law, I tackled the creation of Naan. First up, mix yeast, sugar, olive oil, and water. I brought out my instant read thermometer to check my water temperature. Good, it’s not too hot. I expected gurgling bubbles to form, but it just made a foamy mix.

Ingredients gathered, stirring, kneading, rising

Next step, stir in flour, then knead the dough. Once that was accomplished, I put it in a warmed oven (turned off) with a bowl of warm water for an hour. Yes, it did rise, but perhaps not as much as I thought it should. I flattened it and cut it into eight pieces, which were rolled into balls.

I used my pizza roller to roll out the dough. My brother-in-law was in charge of watching and turning the Naan in the cast iron skillet. The first one was our learning curve. First of all, the skillet wasn’t hot enough. Also, I didn’t get the dough thin enough. We weren’t getting the bubbles in the dough like the picture on the recipe showed. So we adjusted and the rest were great.

We ate them alongside our Chipotle Corn Chicken Chowder and even had some hummus with them. I have a couple left which will become pizza crusts. When I asked my brother-in-law what he thought of the Naan, he said it seemed like a lot of work for what you got. Yes, it was a little work, but I think I may have found my new pizza crust.

Another fun food adventure. I wonder what else I might try this month.

25 thoughts on “Day 12: Food Naan-sense

  1. carwilc says:

    I am not a cook at all, and am pretty sure yeast would defeat me, but I love Naan!!!! Yum!!!! Your post makes me want to try it. Your finished product looks so beautiful!

  2. mandyrobek says:

    Well, now I’m hungry and I want to visit you! I recently thought about trying to make Naan too. My oldest loves it. You made it look easy and I loved your line – yeast will not defeat me. I had that feeling when I started making my own pizza crust.

  3. You have to be one of the bravest people in the kitchen! I think the last time you blogged about an Asian dish that sounded amazing. I love how you connect the pictures to the steps, as well as your reactions and thoughts about it.

  4. Judy C. says:

    Have never had Naan, but it does look interesting. But, I think I’m with your brother-in-law – it seemed like a lot of work for what you got. Keep working that yeast – I think have it licked.

  5. No sooner had I read Denise’s slice about naan, then I found yours. Delish! You made me want to try making it, too! You’ve also inspired to me to check out our new Indian restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try. Thanks!

  6. Aww, you tried one of our favourites!!

    I am glad you took the risk with the yeast!! Sometimes yeast recipes test your patience. I am glad it worked out so well for you! It does seem like a bit of work but with practice I have gotten really quick. I think the key is to make the dough in the morning and go off and come back to it later. You can let the dough rise and then put it in the fridge until you are ready to roll it out. As for the Quiche, if you eat meat throw in some ham instead!

  7. Denise Krebs says:

    Wow, this looks delicious! It makes my mouth water to see the pictures and read about it. Thanks for sharing. I happened to write about naan today too, as well as a bunch of other breads. I love bread!!


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