Day 23: Composted Yard

Right now you would not want to walk around a portion of our backyard. Right now it is not lush and green. Right now bagged compost rests on top of the grass. To be specific seventy-five bags (each weighing forty pounds) blankets the ground. Right now you may be wondering WHY?

That is not dirt, but compost.

Over time our trees and shrubs have grown and grown, just like we wanted them to grow. However, they are now blocking the sun for the grass to grow. The grass is sparse, no longer thick and luxurious to a bare foot.

The man who fertilizes our yard suggested covering the thin areas of the yard with compost. He assured us, grass will grow up through the compost. We did it last summer, and just as he predicted, the grass grew in thicker. So before the tree foliage unfurls, my husband set out to give the ground a head start on nutrients.

Twelve days later, with a little sun, a little rain, a little snow, a little more sun, voilĂ , lovely grass is peeking through!