Fortunately / Unfortunately

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At the time, I thought it was fortunate the food in my fridge was mostly consumed, since I was leaving for several days.

However, it was unfortunate to come home to a bare fridge.

Fortunately, it was Farmer’s Market day, so I could pick up some fresh lettuce for the chef salads for dinner.

Unfortunately, it was Saturday and I did not want to do major grocery shopping, but there were a few items on sale that I needed to pick up (even if it was Saturday).

Fortunately, the store was close to the Farmer’s Market.

Unfortunately, the store was out of the item I wanted.

Fortunately, I got a rain check.

Unfortunately, I needed a few more items, but they were all at different stores.

Fortunately, I checked the ads before leaving home so I had a plan in mind of the order for the stops.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity was suffocating as it took me three hours to pick up a “few” things.

Fortunately, I stopped at the library to claim my books on hold. The temperature and humidity dropped so I could enjoy my books on the patio and I didn’t have to get groceries for a few days.

Never Again! (Maybe?)

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Circumstances required me to do some grocery shopping outside of my normal day. No big deal, I thought. I will just run in and get what I need. Ha! That was a dream.

Negotiating the course was tricky. Carts and people blocked pathways through the aisles. I peered down the aisle wondering, do I really need something here? Unfortunately, the answer was usually yes.

Not only were the stores filled with shoppers, but they echoed with the wailing of small children who did not want to be shopping and I’m sure they needed a nap. Their squalling made me want to cover my ears. By the time I had gathered all my necessary supplies, I had a pounding headache.

Finally the car was loaded, I sank into the driver’s seat wishing I could just close my eyes and rest, but there were items needing refrigeration in the back of my car. Onward I pressed, vowing to NEVER go grocery shopping on a Saturday again!

Thankfully, most of the time I can select another day since I am mostly retired. I’m sorry for those who work all week and that is the only day you have to shop. One day you too, will be able to abandon Saturday shopping.



Shoes for Mom

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

I took Mom

to buy new shoes.

They were the


shoes I’ve ever seen.

She said,

“These are just what I was looking

They are comfortable.

Do you have any other colors?”

I shuddered, then smiled.

Mom bought two pairs of shoes.

I wondered,

is this my future



Yogurt Aisle Aid

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Standing in front of the display case of yogurt, I was pondering whether or not I should buy some. Usually it is on my list, but I’d checked the stock in the fridge before I left for my weekly shopping expedition. We had enough to get us through the week. I didn’t really need it, but I had a price match this week. (Yes, I do shop at a super center Walmart and I do price match when the savings is greater than a dime.) I could save fifteen cents on each container. That’s a pretty good savings.

So, as I was eyeing the flavor choices, a man carrying an empty shopping basket walked up to the case. He approached confidently, but then as he surveyed the shelves of all the yogurt choices, his face grew paler and a slight look of panic took over.

“Oh my, there’s a lot of yogurt! I’ll never find the right kind for my wife. I’ve never bought yogurt before,” he said to me.

“I always send my husband with a picture on his phone. Maybe she could send you a picture,” I replied.

He pulled out a piece of paper and began to read from it, “Low fat, Great Value, four pack, banana cream pie.” Immediately, I knew what he wanted. I reached up and handed him exactly what he’d read. “Oh thank you! You’ve saved me a lot of time.”

“No problem,” I said as I rolled my cart down the aisle. He quickly reached up and grabbed another four pack of the same yogurt. I guess he didn’t want to be caught short on banana cream pie yogurt this week.


Lost and Found

As I get out of my car, my hand instinctively brushes my pocket to assure me my phone is there. This time, the pocket is flat, there is no bump of a phone. My hands begin to explore other possibilities, my fleece jacket, my purse. Each search comes up empty. Panic begins to set in. Where could it be?

Could it be at Hobby Lobby? I had just used my phone to show the cashier a coupon. Did I set it down on the counter as I paid for my purchase? With my heart pounding, I raced back to Hobby Lobby. Before running inside, I looked under my seat and on the floor. All I found was an umbrella.

“Did I leave my phone on the counter?” I asked the cashier. Willing her to say, “Why yes, here it is.” But she didn’t. Where could it be?

A manager came by and offered to call my number from his phone. We listened, no ringing was heard. “Go back to your car and I’ll keep calling.” I rushed back to my car, but first I checked the parking lot where I’d parked earlier.

I opened the door and looked down. This time when I looked, relief flooded through my veins. It was wedged between the door post and the driver’s seat. It must have slipped out of the pocket of my jacket. I snatched it up and headed back into the store when it rang. It was the manager still trying to help me locate the phone. I answered and thanked him for helping.

My heart rate returned to normal, I was finally able to get back to my shopping. This time, when my hand brushed the pocket, I was reassured. My phone was where it should be.

A Pick-Up Line

Walking into Walmart for my weekly grocery shopping finds me looking at my list of items I want to price match, thinking about what I will fix for dinner this week, checking to make sure I have my bags for my groceries, and reminding myself of what coupons I have to use today. All this multi-tasking preoccupies my mind as I am pushing my cart through the double doors. The friendly greeter is there with a welcoming smile. I smile back while I am organizing my “stuff” in the cart.

A male voice behind me says, “So this is where all the good looking women hang out.”

I look left, then right, to see who he is talking about. There is no one around. Inwardly I roll my eyes and mentally say “Really?” I make the mistake of looking back at the speaker.

He continues on, “My mother always said I should go to the laundry mat to find a good woman. I think she was wrong. Walmart is the place. There sure are a lot of good looking women here.”

I shake my head as if to say “You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not buying your line.” I continue to push my cart in a different direction.

He also continues on his way but his final line makes me laugh, “You just missed the chance to be my next ex-wife.”

Thanks for the offer, buddy, but I am perfectly happy with my choice of a spouse. Besides I didn’t find him at a laundry mat or Walmart.

Books, Books, Books

It puts a happy smile on my face when the county library announces the dates for their annual spring book sale AND I will be in town to attend it. A preview day is always set for the Monday evening for patrons of the library or you can pay an admission fee. I decided to wait until Tuesday morning to attend.

I planned my arrival to be about fifteen minutes after the doors open, hoping to avoid the crush of people. As I approached the building with my tote bag in hand, I marveled at the number of people scurrying into the double glass doors. There was no crush, but there was a constant stream. Once inside a decision must be made, head to the “better books” section or the cheaper books area. I turn towards the “better books.” The entrance is guarded by several senior citizens, but they do not interfere with me.

The tables are filled with small boxes of books waiting to be flipped through. Each table has a sign designating the type of books in the boxes. Picture books is my first table to begin the browsing. Flip, flip, snatch and drop into my bag. This process is repeated box after box. My eyes look down, there are more boxes below the tables! Gingerly I kneel down to flip through these boxes. Mothers with young children in-tow bump into me causing me to lose my balance. Some are pushing strollers between the tables. There really isn’t enough room for that. My bag is getting heavy as I move on to the poetry table, then the nonfiction table. I stop, look over the tables in the Children’s section to see if I’ve been to every box. Yes, I think I have.

Now I take my bag to a side table away from the crush of people to look carefully at the treasures I have tucked into my bag. Some of the books are unfamiliar, I dropped it in because of the author. Slowly, I read through each book assessing it. Does this book meet my criteria to make it a mentor text for reading or writing? Several do not pass the test. I put those books back into boxes.

My bag is still heavy as I make my way to the table where the ladies tally the cost of your books. Once you have your tally paper, you get in line to pay. Fortunately I put cash in my pocket so I was able to get into a “cash only” line. After paying I leave my books at the “holding” table so I can look and see what is available in the other section. The pickings are slim, but I do find two books. This line is much shorter. I return to the “holding” table to reclaim my bag and head out the door. A smile is on my face as I greet those who are just arriving because I have a bag of treasures. I wonder, “What did I miss by not being there the first day?” Check it out and see what I found!

All this for just under $30!