Day 25: Celebrate Health


The medical field amazes me! I am astounded by the advances made in just my lifetime against diseases, specifically cancer. It is a word that strikes fear just typing it. I don’t have a lot of cancer in my family background, but just enough to make me follow through with procedures, mostly uncomfortable, but are proven to be life saving.

This week I endured the preparation for a colonoscopy. Ugh! I’m so glad not to have this looming in my life for another ten years.

Prior to the procedure, the nurse wanted to list all my medications on the computer. I told her. She looked back at me and said with an incredulous tone to her voice, “That’s it? That’s all you take?”

I assured her I only take the one medication. Her response, “That’s really unusual! You are so lucky.”

Yes, I am lucky, I have good health (most of the time). Thank you ancestors for passing on those healthy genes to this generation. I only hope the future generations will be blessed with excellent health.