Every December

Every December

My kitchen fills with sweet scents

of sandbakkel* cookies.

(*pronounced like sun buckle)

Reindeer prance across

the lid of my box of tins,

tiny, fluted tins.



Butter softening,

Tins sorted into three lines

To rotate baking.




Old Mix Master from

Grandmother begins mixing.

First, softened butter.



Sugar is added.

Flour addition thickens dough,

use muscles to stir.




Thumbs push and press dough.

Bake until golden brown, cool.

Will cookies crumble?




Some cookies shatter when pressed.

Who will eat those? Me!



Sandbakkels to share,

Sandbakkels to enjoy with

my morning coffee.



Every December,

these Norwegian cookies keep

traditions alive.

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Come With Me

Come with me,


joys of spring.

Observe the new green announcing, “Hey world, I’m back and growing strong!”

Discover powerful plants pushing through to greet the sun.

Notice a bridal bouquet, colors pop!

Spot one plant “walks” up the fence, through the slats searching for the sunny side.

Bzzz, humm, bzzz

Confirms fuzzy, buzzy bees explore the holly blossoms.

Come with me,

 Enjoy spring sights!

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Day 29: Spine Poetry

Yesterday, Ramona shared a few writing quotes. My favorite one is, “Catch emerging words and begin to guide them into form, or not.” Susan Branch.

Here are some emerging words guided into the form of a spine poem. Thanks, Ramona!

The secret project

in the best interest of students,

59 reasons to write

a river of words,

wondrous words.

Write like this.

Write beside them,

writing toward home.

I received several new professional books last week. As I contemplated which one I would read first, I had an inkling of a spine poem tickling my brain. I added a few titles that were already on my shelf to create the above poem.

Getting teachers inspired to teach writing is a secret project that love to tackle. Often times many are resistant, but eventually they come around and end up say, “This is my favorite thing to teach.” or “Writing is my class’s favorite subject.” Then I smile because I knew it would happen.

Day 26: Have You Ever Seen . . .

Have you ever seen . . .

A gathering of exotic blooms?

Sepals, petals, stigma, anther,

Oh my!

Linear lines, polka dotted?

Bundled bouquet, solitary singleton?

Frilly edges, sleek form?

Have you ever seen . . .

Furry flowers?

Alphabet branches?

Have you ever seen . . .

A palm frond wall?

A living variegated carpet?

I have.

I have seen it all.

I have seen it all at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Day 24: I Have an Itch

Reach, scratch

Can’t reach

This itch is driving me crazy!

Don’t scratch,

Once you start

You can’t stop

This itch is driving me crazy!

What will reach that itch?

Arms don’t bend

Or reach

Far enough

This itch is driving me crazy!

Oh yeah,

That’s the tool!



Scratching bliss!

The telescoping back scratching tool was found at Kohls after Christmas for a very low price. So far, it has done its job.

Day 2, Outside My Window

I contemplate the worldimg_2654

outside my window

through wooden, white blinds.



while working

at my desk,

the world passes by,



I catch a glimpse of

cars, delivery trucks, and buses.


walkers extend

their walk

by turning onto my cul-de-sac.



neighbors gather

and chat.

Most of the time,

there’s not much to see


you stop to noticeimg_2643

a breeze disturbing tree limbs,

birds tending to the business of survival,

shadows creeping

along the sidewalk

as the hours pass.

I watch the world

outside my window

through wooden, white blinds.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.