Dreaded Machine Part Deux

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Two weeks ago I had my annual mammogram. (read about it here) Two days after the mammogram I was contacted by the clinic to come back for additional films. The voice tells me there seemed to be a slight change. This needed to be investigated by taking additional views and magnification.

What am I to think? Should I worry, I ask the voice who has given me this news. The voice said not to worry, it might just be a natural change. I tell myself, don’t worry, but there is that niggling thought in the back of my mind, what if?

One week after the previous mammogram, I am facing the dreaded machine once again. This time the technician says the films will be sent immediately to the radiologist to read them and decide if more pictures need to be taken or if I’m good to go.

She takes three views. Each one squeezing a little harder than the previous. I return to the waiting area. About ten minutes later a new person appears. She surveys the ladies waiting before announcing that their computers are down. They cannot send the films to the radiologist. She is sooooo sorry, we might have to return for more views, but maybe not. They will call later in the afternoon or tomorrow morning with the results.

I leave. I wait. I wait all day. I wait another day. Finally, two days later an email shows up. There is nothing to be concerned about, this time. That brief moment of time between exams is enough to keep me vigilant and make the appointment every year.

A Fine Line?

Dinner decided. Checked for ingredients. One item needed, which required a trip to the grocery store.

In the car, seat belt on, engine started, ready to leave, but wait! Pocket empty, no cell phone! Quickly I remedy the situation. As I’m climbing back into the car, my husband says,” So you forgot your phone?”

My reply, “I remembered my phone. I had not left yet, so I didn’t forget it.”

“It’s all semantics,” was his response. Which got me wondering as I drove to the grocery store, which was it remembering or forgetting?

Dictionary.com’s third definition of forget says “to leave behind unintentionally; neglect to take: to forget one’s keys.” I would have to argue that I did not leave anything behind.

Their third definition of remember states “to have (something) come into the mind again: I just remembered that it’s your birthday today.” That is exactly what I did. When I noticed that my pocket was empty, the thought came to my mind that my phone was still in the house. 

I think dictionary.com has supported my theory. I didn’t forget, but remembered.

Side note: I could have left the phone at home, because received no calls, nor made any calls in the short time I was gone.

Dreaded Machine

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

With my steps slowing, I follow the technician into the darkened room. A monitor glows. The only source of light is an overhead spotlight. I step up and face the dreaded machine, willing my mind to take me somewhere else.

“Step forward a little. Turn your head. Lean to the left. Put  your arm here, bend your elbow. Shoulder down. Reach over here. Tilt your head back.”

As the machine squeezes, the final command, “Don’t breathe!”

A repeat performance on the right side.

A few moments of pain are required each year. These uncomfortable minutes could save my life. Thank goodness the yearly mammogram is over!

Choose Your Side

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

There are red states. There are blue states. Why can’t we just be United States? I’m beginning to think this divisiveness is taking over.

While looking out the kitchen windows into our backyard, my husband began laughing, “Come here, you have to see this!” he exclaimed. The cardinals were gathered on the left side of the yard. The blue jays were on the right side of the yard. Keeping their backs to each other they flitted from one limb, to the ground, and back to the trees, occasionally pecking at some tasty morsel. They did not cross bird-lines, however, a redheaded woodpecker arrived. First he hopped up and down the tree on the right, tapping here and there. Not finding enough on the right, he flew to the tree on the left, repeating his dance from the previous tree. He paid the cardinals and blue jays no mind. He took care of his business, then left.

I wonder if the cardinals and blue jays took notice that it is possible to live harmoniously even when not every one is just alike. Did they discover they can cross the bird-lines in the yard?