Day 19: Liquids Only for Today

How did ten years speed by so fast? Medical procedures can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes it’s the actual procedure, but sometimes it’s the preparation for such procedure. All those who are fifty and older will recognize the preparation for my procedure.

  • Stop eating anything with seeds five days prior to your procedure.
  • Day before procedure liquid diet only.
  • Nothing red or purple can be consumed on the liquid day.
  • No dairy products allowed.
  • Prepare your gallon jug from the pharmacy in the morning and place in the refrigerator.
  • Begin drinking from this jug at 5:00 p.m.
  • Drink half of the jug in 6-8 ounce increments every 15 minutes.
  • Four hours before procedure, drink the rest of the jug, but must be finished two hours prior to appointment.

I have my blue jello ready (I asked if blue was okay). I have white peach grape juice chilling. Popsicles are in the freezer.  Tea and chicken broth will be my main course of the day. Dessert will be cherry limeade sparkling water. I even have a choice of flavors for my evening jug, I think it will be cherry, minus the limeade. What a day of flavorful treats!

Tomorrow I will have to cash in my invitation to Leigh Anne Eck’s Favorite Things party. My appointment is 8:20 and I remember sleeping a lot after the procedure ten years ago. Hopefully I will return with a good report Wednesday.

Enjoy chewing your food today. 🙂