My Story

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am a fledgling robin.

This was my home until mother and father so rudely (and unexpectedly) pushed me and my siblings out of this luxury high-rise viburnum bush nest.

These past few days have been trying (to say the least). Once I got my bearings, I discovered there’s a new world beyond the nest. I found out my legs could take me from one side of the field to the other by hopping. I think hopping is a perfectly fine way of moving, but one of the adults in my life is telling me to use my wings. I just don’t get the big deal. 

There must be a family reunion in the maple tree. I hear a chorus of chirping over my head all day long as I travel from one spot to another (you know, hopping along happily). Relatives zoom past me, urging me to spread my wings. Leave me alone! I’ll do it, but not yet. If only someone would bring me a nice juicy worm, life would be great.

Mama! Where are you?There you are, help me!










Wait a minute, what just happened? How did I get here? Did my wings do that? Cool!

I think I’ll just rest for a bit. That was fun, but I don’t want to overdo it.

That rest gave me energy to explore more. What is that lady doing behind the glass? Wait a second, I have an itch. I hope she notices my steely stare. Stop stalking me lady!

In a day or so, I’m out of here. There’s a great big world to explore.Know a good place for juicy worms?

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Thoughts from a Bathroom Door

You just never know where you might find your next slice of life. Sometimes they blow in and land on you. Sometimes they crawl up from underground and invade your space. They even startle you as you calmly are eating lunch. As the title stated, you might find a slice hanging on the back of a bathroom door.

It was lunchtime, my husband and I were hungry, so we began the search for some place to eat. We were in Kansas, where the road was long and not very populated. Finally, a small town appeared and as we drove through we spotted a coffee shop advertising sandwiches. We stopped.

The menu was written on a board over the counter. The daily special was blank. I inquired if there was a special for the day.

The owner said, “Monday comes with it’s own set of troubles, we don’t need to add to it by having a special.” Interesting attitude I thought.

So we chose something from the menu. I went to the restroom to wash my hands and discovered a new way of looking at things.

photo 1 (16) photo 2 (17)

Once lunch was over and we were back in the car, the lists I had just read pushed me to think of creating a few phrases that were just for me.

Savor the sights around you.
Enjoy the company of the one(s) you are with today.
Relish relationships.
Dream big.
Bask in the delight of others.
Share a smile.
Make a discovery.

What thoughts would you add? You just never know where you will find a slice! 🙂


Standing Guard

What do you see?

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at the above picture? Trashcans sitting at the end of the driveways? Or would patient guardians of the neighborhood be a better response?

I walked past a window and noticed the trash man had not been by on his usual day, so the trashcans had been standing guard patiently waiting for their weekly flip.

Which led me to thinking about a post I’d read at Family Trove. I laughed when Jackie described how she anthropomorphized objects. It didn’t hit me until later, I have some of those same tendencies. (You were right Jackie, you are not alone.) The first hint was noticing the trashcans standing like soldiers. Then I thought of other instances. Perhaps you remember my slice of the robin shopping for nesting material or the pansies under the tree having a conversation with other pansies on the other side of the driveway. I have a feeling the pansies may have something to say in the future.

Is there a fantasy world living in my head? Does every object I see have some kind of hidden life that is just waiting for me to discover its story? I don’t know the answer to these questions. . . yet. Stay tuned, you never know who’s story I will tell next.

Helping Myself

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I’ve been cruising around, looking for some new bedding.

I’ve spotted something that looks like it will be perfect.

The color will blend in with everything I’ve found.

It looks like someone has been here before me.

Is anyone watching?

I need just a few sprigs, surely no one will mind if I help myself.

This shop has the best stuff.

I must remember to come back next year.

The above was from earlier this spring. The matting has been replaced this year. Check out how nicely the matting fits in, but trouble is looming. A shopper has come to pad her nest.

In fact many have been shopping. Check out the current state of the matting now. I guess we will be replacing mats every year. It’s a small price to pay for the smiles these silly birds bring.

Choices in Life

Today I am  sharing a slice of my life from over thirty-seven years ago. This tale is told from two different perspectives. The choices we make, can affect us for a lifetime. You will discover why this is posted on Valentine’s Day.

Fall 1975, this is to be my final semester because during the summer, I realized that I would have enough credits to graduate at semester. All I needed was to complete student teaching and a philosophy of education class. Yes, I will finally be able to stop being a student and actually get into the real world of teaching. I am anxious to get started on this part of my life.

The classroom was already crowded, voices buzzed in conversations waiting for the professor. I scanned the surprisingly packed room, finally I spotted my best friend thankful she had saved me a seat. I quickly made my way over to her and we began chatting while we waited for class to start. Soon another body took the open seat beside me. I glanced over and recognized a guy who had been in one of my basic education classes the year before. I didn’t really pay much attention to him, but fleeting thoughts went back to that previous class. He didn’t always attend (yes, I was always in attendance). He was a chatty, noisy guy with the people around him (I was never around him, so I just observed him from a distance. I was very shy so it was hard for me to talk to people.) He nodded as we made eye contact, so I knew he remembered me. He began talking to the girl on the left side of him.

He stood in the doorway with only a minute to spare before class was to start. The room was already crowded. His eyes scanned the sea of faces looking for a friend in the crowd. “There’s a seat next to a girl I know,” he thought, “but on the other side is that girl from the class last year. Do I really want to sit by her, she seemed so stuck up. Yes, I really want to sit by someone I know.” He made his way down the aisle and sat next to the friend, nodding to the other girl as he took his seat.

He discovered over time that this girl wasn’t really stuck up. He discovered she was friendly, funny, and caring. He discovered that this would be his partner for life.

This year we will celebrate our 35th anniversary in June. Life changes in an instant. That instant changed the course of my life, and I am so glad it did!