Day 16: It’s Open!

TV news reporters, headline article in the newspaper, the town’s a-buzz over the new grocery store opening. The signage on the outside promises “Good Food for All.” Of course, I had to be a part of this excitement. Don’t you just love wandering a grocery store when you don’t have to collect the weekly groceries?

They opened at 6 a. m. but I waited until about 10:45 to make my way over. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed every spot was filled and there were cars roaming the lanes looking for a spot. Was that a spot on the side? Darn, someone pulled in front of me to claim it. Now it was serious business, it’s just like the challenge of Christmas mall parking. Follow the people to their car and wait to claim your spot. Just as I was rounding the corner, a man got into his car to leave. Victory for me in the parking lot!

I really intended just to roam about, no cart needed, but right at the door they had fresh pineapple for $.99. How can I resist? Another score for me because there was a mini-cart available. What other treats could I find?

I meandered through the store noting that their prices weren’t especially great. In the wine section I found the Merlot we like on sale. This store has a bar and tap room tucked into a corner.

Other unique features found here:

  • a juice bar as you enter the store
  • a Starbucks (not so uncommon anymore)
  • a chop shop (they will chop your vegetables or fruit for you, $3 for five minutes of chopping)
  • an extensive bakery section (of course they had samples of several breads for patrons to try)
  • a brick oven pizza where you can buy a slice or whole pizza
  • a chocolate shop (they make the candy there, I may have enjoyed a couple of samples)
  • huge meat and seafood counter
  • a cheese area (sampled an expresso coated cheese, quite tasty)
  • a section of ready prepared food or boxes with ingredients assembled for you to prepare

I’m sure there are more sections that I will discover when I return another day. Hopefully there will be fewer people and more parking. New grocery stores don’t open up every day, so you have to seize the moment when one comes along.

Wine area, boxed meals to prepare, produce section, bakery