Day 20: Five Favorites

Did you happen to catch the invite to Leigh Anne Eck’s party on March 1? If not, you can read about it here.

This is a lifeline for the day you can’t ferret out a slice from your present day life or perhaps you have a procedure that interrupts your life. That day has arrived and I grab hold of that lifeline to keep me in the writing game.

I placed some restrictions on my list. They had to be tangible. Something I could actually bring somewhere. So that eliminated many items from my treasure trove of favorites.

Five favorites (in no particular order):

  1. Coconut: I think I fell in love with coconut when I ate my first Mounds Bar. I love all things containing coconut. I bake my own birthday cake every year, Italian Cream cake. Even though it doesn’t sound like a coconut cake by the title, it is. I’m still mad at Panera’s for dropping the coconut macaroon cookie.
  2. Picture books: Turn me loose in a book store or library and you will find me with a stack of picture books beside me. Or step into my office space, but don’t trip on the stack of books I have waiting to share in a school next week.
  3. Bath and Body Works body cream lotion: I only need a small dab of this lotion to soften my hands. The regular lotion seems to evaporate and require more and more. I savor the luxurious feel of this lotion. I prefer scents that are floral or fresh, not food flavors.
  4. Purses with pockets on the outside: I do love the sleek look of some handbags, but I need pockets to hold my keys and my phone. I don’t want to dig around inside looking for these two items. They need to be reachable in an instant.
  5. Dark chocolate: Milk chocolate seems too sweet. I love the slight bitterness of dark chocolate. When I find the combination of dark chocolate and coconut, oooh! Life is good!

Thinking of five favorites was not as easy as I imagined. Give it a try!