Day 30: Encounters of the Phone Kind

Encounter #1: The first time it happened, I was taken aback. I was getting into my car after a day of working, and thought I’d better check to see if I had any texts. My ringer had been on silence during the day.

How did my phone know I was going home? That freaked me out a little. Then when it happened again and again, I assumed this was something built into the phone that always told you how long it would take you to get home. Hmmm, is someone tracking my movements?

One morning I got into the car, looked at my phone, but this time it was telling me how long it would take me to get to one of my schools. What? I wasn’t going to that school. The three days before I had gone to that school. Apparently it had been tracking my movements and assumed I would be returning to that school. This was getting a little creepy.

Now I look at my phone just to see where it thinks I’m going. Sometimes it’s right.

Encounter #2: As I climbed out of my car, I heard a voice talking to me from my front left pocket. Had I pocket dialed someone? Quickly I pulled the phone from my pocket. Apparently, Siri thought I was talking to her. I must have bumped something because I certainly don’t talk to her. When I have actually tried to use her, she never understands me. I was not about to engage in a conversation now.  I quickly turned her off. She must have gotten her feelings hurt because she remained silent until. . .

Encounter #3: I was sitting at my desk, talking to my mother on the house phone. My cell phone was sitting on my desk, when all of a sudden Siri began talking. My mother heard the voice and asked if someone was with me? I laughed and said no, it’s just my cell phone. Once again, Siri didn’t make any sense.

Have you had any surprises from your phone?

Side note: elsie is my blogging name, my real name is LeAnn. 🙂 At least she knew how to spell my name right.