Day 13: Is There Hope?

Weather report prediction: snow with morning temperatures at seventeen degrees.

My heart sank like the Titanic. The peach tree in my backyard was in full bloom. Seventeen degrees spelled certain death to every blossom and future peach.

The tree before the predicted snow and temperature drop.

Not again, I thought. Several years ago, the tree did not bear one fruit. It never even had the opportunity that year to produce a blossom. The cold froze the buds just as they were forming.

Last year, my husband and I draped the tree with sheets to protect the buds. That would not be possible this year. The tree was simply too tall.

All day I waited for the snow to begin. It didn’t. Maybe, the temperature won’t drop tonight. I went to bed with that flicker of hope. At first daylight, I checked the tree. The blossoms were still there. I waited until it warmed up to see if they would continue to hang on. They did! I went out for a closer look. Pink blossoms littered the ground.

Those peaches died an early death.

Wait! Look up!

Hardy blossoms weathered the cold night. Branches continue to sport their finest pink jewels. Thankfully the temperatures only dipped down to thirty degrees during the night. One cold snapped weathered, but more are predicted all week long. Will these blossoms hang on or will they all be littering the ground by the weekend?


22 thoughts on “Day 13: Is There Hope?

  1. OH NO! That’s so sad.Trust me, I know where you’re coming from, even if I don’t have a green anything or plant to speak of. But that dread. I’m so sad for your peach dreams!

  2. mandyrobek says:

    I was all sad and thought the blossoms were done until you said look up and then I got very hopeful. I hope they last this late week of cold.

  3. This is so sad! I hope the peaches make it. I have been wondering what will happen in our area – flowers are in full bloom (daffodils, forsythias, cherry blossoms) and snow is anticipated. What will the effect be? So eerie, these vast swings in temperature.

  4. I remember when we had a peach tree and my feelings of dread when it would bloom early and cold would come. I remember one year of my family and two neighbor families helping me cover the tree with sheets and drop cloths one night hoping it would survive the frost. I hope you get peaches!!!

  5. Peach blossoms represent hope for the future Elsie. May the weather Gods smile favourably upon your trees and enable fruit to ripen in the fullness of the season. That would be peachy keen!

  6. This happened to my daughter’s peach tree last year. They were so sad. I’ll cross my fingers for you that this is the final storm coming through.

  7. Judy C. says:

    Hopefully the beauty of theses blossoms will be enough to ward off the cold temps and will become tasty peaches.

  8. Here’s hoping they are sturdy little fellows and will hang on and you get to enjoy some delicious peaches. With the two feet of snow that they are predicting for us and the cold temps and wind chills I am not holding much hope for our lilac and rhododendron buds.

  9. We, too, in the Northeast are poised for a Nor’easter that’s supposed to dump up to 18 inches of snow. And yes, we have plants and bushes sprouting all over the yard. But we do not have a peach tree to worry about. So sorry for your potential loss. Whenever someone says they’re enjoying the warm winter I cringe because it often means a late winter like this one. Good luck!

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