Where Is Home?

Home can be defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. I like the idea of living permanently in a place, but that was not in the cards for me.

My earliest memories are living in a Chicago suburb. I didn’t know it was a suburb, if anyone asked me where I lived, I proudly said, “Chicago!” I thought I would live there forever.

After sixth grade we moved because my father found a job that could better support a family of five children. We lived a few months near Washington, D. C. as he completed training for his job. When that was over we drove to Houston, Texas (seventh grade) to live for a year. Houston was never home. It was a place to reside, but nothing felt right in that city. I was considered a northern girl. I didn’t talk like a Texan. I didn’t think the sun rose and set only in Texas or that Texas was the center of the universe. I was relieved when our time in Texas was up.

Next assignment was Kansas City, Missouri (we lived in Overland Park, Kansas; eighth grade). I thought this was going to be home, I was wrong. There was an opening in a field office in Springfield, Missouri, my father got the assignment. Pack up and move again.

I entered high school hoping this would be a place we could stay. We did stay. I tried to leave. I wanted to attend college anywhere else. I went to college in Springfield and lived at home. It was not the college experience I had dreamed about for several years. However, I did meet my husband at that college during my last semester before graduating. 🙂

After getting married, we created a place of residence in another town, but home was back in Springfield where my parents were. I don’t think we ever considered our houses a home until we had our son. Now we were a family and we created a home. I thought this is where we will live until we die. I was wrong.

Another job was offered to my husband and me, so we left the place we called home for twenty years to build a home back in Springfield. It has been home for the past twenty-four years. That’s almost permanent, but someday we will move again. We will move closer to our son. That move will be permanent.

I marvel at the families who have lived in one house for their entire life. I thought that would be my life, but I was wrong. I moved and moved and moved, but even though not all places could qualify as a home by the definition above, I was always a member of a family. That’s what makes a home, the people who surround you.


12 thoughts on “Where Is Home?

  1. I enjoyed reading about your journey and the different locations. I loved hearing where you met your husband! (We never know what wonderful gift God has planned around the corner!) And my favorite line was “but even though not all places could qualify as a home by the definition above, I was always a member of a family. That’s what makes a home, the people who surround you.”

  2. Thr people who surround you – indeed the very essence of home. We have always rented so I am still waiting for HOME. I like the idea of being able to take home with you!

  3. I read this and felt like we just spent a lovely afternoon together. Thank you for sharing this story. Thank you for reminding me what is most important about home — being with family.

  4. Terje says:

    “We were a family and created a home.” – the most beautiful sentence to summarise an important part of life.

  5. I have lived my entire life in the same county. Just a few homes, 3 while growing up, 3 since getting married. Our current home of 40 years is now where the grandchildren come and fill the walls with their lively, rambunctious activity. We love it.

  6. You have been in so many places. Bringing home with you to every one. I have lived in a few but in the same part of California. Now that our children have taken off to other cities, our home has to be reconstructed. Perhaps we will follow one of them at some point too.

  7. Joyce says:

    Very interesting to read of the different locations at different stages of your life. I wonder if it has added to your interest in seeing the world?

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