Day 8: Best Moment of Monday

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If you read my post from yesterday, you will know that Monday kicked my plans of the day to the curb. Recalculating was the word of my morning.

However, recalculating was not an option for the afternoon. Monday was the final day of a three year literacy PD journey. I have worked with the kindergarten through fourth grade teachers to develop balanced literacy practices in their building. This involves meeting with teachers, modeling in classrooms, and coaching the teachers. I have been in their building and classrooms at least twenty days each year.

So Monday was the day I would say good-bye to this group of teachers. Third grade came ready to work/learn. We had great conversations on getting the year started in writing, revisited reading notebook options, and what kinds of conversations we need to encourage in their daily instruction.

Suddenly the door opened and another teacher came in carrying a gift bag. All of a sudden the faces of the third grade teachers brightened with their ear-to-ear grins. What? As the teacher handed me the bag, she said, “This is a little something from us.”

I was at a loss for words. I stammered out a thank you. I opened the cards and each staff member had written a kind word of thanks. There was a little tin box nestled in the bottom of the bag, a gift card to a nice steak house. What a treat! But that wasn’t all . . . they included some cash too. The teacher explained, “You can spend it however you want.” Of course you know where that money will go, books!

The day had its bumps but the best moment was working with the teachers. Every teacher in this building took on the three year journey of learning and changing/developing their skill as teachers of literacy. I will miss my monthly trips to their school next year.

P.S. My mom is healing and doing fine. 🙂