Day 10: Pink Explosion

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Do you ever see something on the road that just doesn’t belong there? Now I’m not talking about animal carcasses or furniture that has fallen off the truck and landed on the road. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, there’s a Pepto-Bismol pink explosion on the road into town.


I’m sure many wonder what’s happened here, but I know the story. This is a slice of life from my neighbor, Dan.

Dan headed into town to fetch several items his wife needed for a recipe. The sun had set, it was dark as there are no street lights along this road. He was tooling along the road (probably trying to remember what he needed at the grocery store) when suddenly, he heard a clunk! and bam! He was afraid that he’d hit an animal. However, he did not stop to investigate. He was on a mission to get these ingredients and return home as quickly as possible.

Time in the grocery store was uneventful. He returned home and resumed his life with no thoughts of that clunk! and bam! Until the next morning . . .

Dan went to get in his truck, but what was all over the side of it? He pulled it out into the

Pink embedded in the tread of the tires.

Pink embedded in the tread of the tires.

driveway to get a better view. Pink paint had sprayed all over the side, on the tires, and under the truck. It didn’t wash away!

He headed to the nearest auto supply store to see if they had some magical way to make the pink go away. He came home with a bottle of very expensive cleaner to begin the process of removing the sprayed on pink paint. Fortunately, he was able to get most of the pink off the sides of the truck. However, the tires and underneath were more of a challenge than he wanted to tackle. They are still sporting their new pink look.

Views from the underside

Views from the underside

Every day Dan drives over the pink explosion on the road. I’m sure he has some choice words running through his mind as he runs over that spot. Every time I pass over the spot, I chuckle to myself while being thankful it wasn’t me and my vehicle who created the explosion.

So the next time you see an explosion of color on the road, remember, someone now has a vehicle sprayed that color in places you can’t even imagine.


17 thoughts on “Day 10: Pink Explosion

  1. mandyrobek says:

    Interesting story for your neighbor – what are the chances for someone to run over a spray paint can? I was glad to read he was able to get most of it off.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! What a mess that was. I like the idea of telling Dan that pink is the new black. He might be amused knowing how many people are now in on this story!

  3. I know it is not polite to laugh at someone’s else’s expense but I couldn’t help myself as I read this. At least the sides came clean. The tires can be pawned off as designer tires.

  4. When you mentioned clunk and bam, I put it together with your title Pink Explosion and knew what happened. When I saw the pink on the tires, my prediction was confirmed. I’m sorry for Dan, but it was great fodder for your slice.

  5. Judy C. says:

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Sorry that Dan had to experience first hand, but it gave you a great slice. So glad that he was able to remove the paint from the side of his truck. I wonder where the pink paint came from?

  6. Alice Nine says:

    Pink on a pickup… that is just too funny unless you, of course, you are Dan! I will certainly look at those patches on the road with different eyes. Well done on telling the story, Elsie!

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