Day 2, Outside My Window

I contemplate the worldimg_2654

outside my window

through wooden, white blinds.



while working

at my desk,

the world passes by,



I catch a glimpse of

cars, delivery trucks, and buses.


walkers extend

their walk

by turning onto my cul-de-sac.



neighbors gather

and chat.

Most of the time,

there’s not much to see


you stop to noticeimg_2643

a breeze disturbing tree limbs,

birds tending to the business of survival,

shadows creeping

along the sidewalk

as the hours pass.

I watch the world

outside my window

through wooden, white blinds.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.




34 thoughts on “Day 2, Outside My Window

  1. Me too!!!! Loved your collaboration between your words and images… saving the white wood blinds for the very end… I’m there with you 🙂

  2. crushlevine says:

    You make the ordinary a celebration! Oh, the stories I could tell about the world outside my windows. Thanks for the glimpse from your mind’s eye!

  3. mandyrobek says:

    This piece made me smile, a positive spin on what I sometimes think are the dreaded blinds when it comes time to clean them.

  4. I love shadows creeping along the sidewalk! There is something fun about actually have been in that spot in your house. Though visiting with you limited my observations through the wooden, white blinds and I wouldn’t want it any other way!😉

  5. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Love the phoetry … and all that you notice outside your wooden white blinds. Funny all the snapshots of neighbors gathering and people walking by — I wonder if they saw you snapping pictures … if only they knew it was for a slice! Beautiful words and photos!

  6. Oh my goodness, did I love this! The photos, the words, the ideas. How often do we all make similar observations and they just slip away. And how much we miss, too, when we don’t take the time to observe and think. And “phoetry.” You must copyright that!

  7. I always love your phoetry! I was thinking about all the little details I pass everyday while I was driving home last night. I wish I had stopped to take some pictures!

  8. Colin Davitt says:

    I am totally using this idea! I totally think this would be a great way to get our kids writing in a fun way. Thank you for this idea.

  9. Love this phoetry featuring the view through the blinds. I even love the blind shadows on the pics. Thanks for watching your world & sharing it with us.

  10. I love the repetition hiding in your piece! It drew me in a felt like I was leaning closer, peering through your wooden blinds to see what you were seeing. The pictures really added to your descriptions. Loved this!

  11. It’s so nice to just sit and notice and wonder about the world around you. I like how you’ve taken the time to be mindful and put your noticings into words.

  12. There really is a lot happening if we just take the time to observe what is right in front of us. Really like this format, your pictures and poetry. You perfectly captured life just happening.

  13. Judy C. says:

    It’s those small things in our lives that make life so interesting, even if it seems mundate. Love your phoetry. Your words help to capture what the pictures show.

  14. lindabaie says:

    Nice that you shared the ‘scenery’, Elsie. I don’t have the view at the front except from my kitchen, but at the back, squirrels and rabbits (as you know).

  15. Always love your beautiful photos! Your poem is framed so nicely with the bookend beginning and ending and you have created a wonderfully calm tone. Phoetry – great term!

  16. I love this! What a lovely idea to capture simple moments and then write about them. Phoetry! Love it. And I think it’s so beautiful how you have arranged the images and the words. I feel like I’m sitting at your window with you.

  17. margaretsmn says:

    This was such a pleasant place to stop this morning. Like I was sitting next to you looking outside your window. The repeated line frames the poem like a window.

  18. Not much to notice until you notice. What a perfect slice. You masterfully took me to your neighborhood. Spying on all the wonders that wall by your window.

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