All Right! All Write!

Last year I jumped into the pool of the All Write conference. It was better than I’d ever hoped. The sessions were great, but that wasn’t the real reason I wanted to go.

I’d been sitting on the sidelines dangling my feet into the water by reading the posts of those who attended, in years past. I thought, someday I want to go. So many slicers are there, I love meeting the person behind the words.

At first I’d discussed with my husband that perhaps we could go and then travel on to bike the trails of Michigan. That sounded okay to him, until I started talking about all the people I’d get to meet. He knew that I’d be torn, spending time with him vs. slicers. The decision was made, no biking (we’ll do that another time), go and be with the slicers.

I dived right into that water, even though it meant, 587 miles by myself in the car. I checked out a few audio books, had some music ready, and snacks to munch. The GPS guided me every mile. In no time I was in Warsaw and meeting the people who write the words I love to read.

It was the best of times and one I wanted to repeat this year. Several weeks ago I got an email from the conference saying registration was open. Could I? Should I? Would I? Absolutely! I’m ready to dive back into the water and splash about.

Sunday, I called and made my reservations at the hotel. Quickly followed by the on-line registration, and writing the check to put in the mail. Only one thing left to do, convince another slicer that she wants to go too.

I sent my email outlining possible travel plans. I got a response back saying I’ll think about it. Soon my email announced: Β *****News Flash!***** I’m in, who do I make the check out to? Woohoo!Β My email begging her to come east worked. I am not spending time alone in the car this year. Kim of the Learning Tour Writing Stop will be joining me.

For the last two years we have met up in California, this year we will meet up in the midwest. I am so excited to have her coming with me!

Have you thought about attending? If not, what’s stopping you? Come on join the fun! Here’s a link to the flyerΒ that you can download. Let’s make this a year to remember!

16 thoughts on “All Right! All Write!

  1. I haven’t been to All Write yet. I always follow from the sidelines thanks to Twitter. The conference always looks amazing, but it is the community of people who attend that seem to make it even harder to resist. I am thinking about going this year. Your post makes it hard to resist.


  2. Sounds like an amazing opportunity! I wish I could come upon another opportunity to meet some of my favorite slicers in real life.. getting to know the real people behind their words. Have fun!! I know that all of us not attending will be enviously living vicariously through you πŸ™‚

  3. This sounds like a really exciting thing to be part of. I have never gone. This is the week before our Writing Project’s Young Writing Academy and since I am the coordinator of that, I know that I will be busy making sure all is ready and hoping that things run smoothly.

  4. I am going! This will be my first time and I have convinced a colleague to come with me. She isn’t a slicer…yet! (That is my summer project!) I am so excited! Thanks for writing this Elsie – it will be fun to see who is in!

  5. This sounds so great. Conferences are so much better when you know people. I think of myself as rather reserved and hard to get to know, but I am always surprised by how many people I know.

  6. I’m sad that I won’t be coming this year. We’re in school until June 19th this year. I have so many incredible memories from last year. I’ll be tagging along vicariously by reading posts.

  7. Such an understanding husband. You are going to have a blast, a conference is great, but to attend it together with other slicers – sweet.

  8. So glad you are returning. I wish I could join you but this year I’m off to the ISTE conference in Atlanta. It’s a biggie, probably the opposite of that lovely, intimate All Write but I need to see what this techie world is like and i’m attending with buddies from one of my schools. So here’s to NYC in August πŸ™‚

  9. margaretsmn says:

    Elsie, I want to go, too! I also read all the posts last year. Here’s the deal. My daughter graduates from U of Chicago on June 13th, so I could stay longer and go to the conference. I just need a ride from Chicago. So if anyone else reads your blog and can give me a ride from Chi-town, put them in touch with me. I haven’t registered yet because I wanted to work out this little detail. Thanks for this post. It may just be the right ticket.

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