Did You Celebrate?

Another week with no inclement weather is worthy of a celebration. (I need to say this quickly because our forecasters are predicting sleet, ice, and snow for Sunday.)

I know several of my colleagues attended an all day session with Ruth this week. I am so excited that they were able to have the opportunity to meet her and discover what an amazing person she is. I was devastated that I was not able to attend. My days were already committed to a school. 😦

I am sporting a new look on the blog. Can’t say it was totally intentional, but I’m liking it (for now). Maybe a fresh new look will give me the feeling of spring.

I hope you have lots to celebrate. See you back here next week!

Make Over

Did you notice anything new? This is what happens when WordPress sends out an email announcing new themes. Not quite sure what I did, but obviously I clicked on something, because before I could blink, my blog look changed dramatically.

I’d been thinking about changing things up for a while, but always hesitated. I was comfortable with my blog look. I knew how to navigate around it. Placing pictures was sometimes a challenge, but I worked it out.

Lately I’ve been browsing through the theme choices. I’d study them, wonder how they’d work for me, then click away and stay with the same old theme. Until this week. 

I thought I was getting a preview of how my blog would look. Nope, it activated and changed it all. At first, panic set in. What have I done? Can I find my old theme and reverse this? But then I stopped and looked. Hmmm, I studied the new look. I kind of liked it. I’ve been in the Notepad theme for four years. Maybe it is time for a new look. 

I won’t guarantee that the look won’t change again during the month, but I think I’ll try it out. After all, it’s called Sorbet, doesn’t that sound delicious? Just what I need to cleanse my palate.