Some women just look like they have it all together. Their hair is perfectly coiffed, their make-up is flawless, their clothes are stylish, AND they wear a scarf with flair. (Picture a scarf draped on the shoulder with a stylish knot or pin.) As I grew up I wanted to be one of those women. I called them scarf ladies. Somehow I could never get it all together at one time.

My hair always had some stray piece sticking out at the wrong angle (probably due to several cowlicks). I never did master the art of eyeliner, so I gave up on make-up altogether (I do use a bit of blush, when I remember). I ironed my clothes, but they always looked like I slept in them. As for a scarf, ha! I tried it once and felt ridiculous (besides feeling like an impostor). I resigned myself to not being a scarf lady.

Until one river cruise I met a scarf lady. She shared some of her scarf secrets with me. A flicker of hope was ignited. Could I wear a scarf and not look ridiculous?

Cautiously I entered the world of scarves. I discovered that I liked the long ones, not the squared versions. I began to loop and drape and twist and knot. I studied mannequins in stores, I even undid the scarf to learn the secret. I had a new quest, learn all the moves to change the look of the scarf.

There was one look that I could not replicate. It looked like a basket weave, but I never had the opportunity to study it until I was trapped in a meeting room. There was the scarf I needed to study, at the table next to me! My eyes followed the flow of

Here's the result of my study. It's not anything new, but I couldn't figure it out before.

Here’s the result of my study. It’s not anything new, but I couldn’t figure it out before.

material up, down, over until I knew the way. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. Success!

I love to wear scarves now, but I’ll never be one of the “scarf ladies” who is perfectly put together. I’m okay with that.