When I left to do my weekly grocery shopping, my husband was planning on getting some yard work done. It was a rare day that allowed him to be outside preparing the yard for spring. His goal was to cut down the liriope that borders the walk to the front door.

When I returned several hours later, the liriope was only half pruned and my husband was straddling bushes holding a shovel. My neighbor, Dave, was brandishing a pitchfork in another area of the front landscaped bed. A portion of the decorative rock was shifted, the black mat was pulled back, and the ground underneath was muddy.┬áIt didn’t take me long to realize they were on a mole hunt. The bed looked like a bomb had exploded and craters were everywhere.

When my husband had started to clip the liriope, he discovered a hill of dirt had been pushed up, a sure sign of a mole’s presence. That creature is a four letter word in our household. My husband decided to take action because he knew the runs were fresh. Dave came over to help. As they plotted their mode of attack they could see the ground moving. Immediately they sprang into action with the hose. This little fellow was about to experience a water slide. When the hunters heard the rock moving, Dave began to stab the ground with the pitchfork, hoping to impale the critter. My husband was digging to try to unearth the unfortunate mole.

When I arrived, they were frozen over the landscape, listening for any sound, looking for any movement. They were satisfied they had been successful. I went into the house, and the hunters were pondering their next move when the ground began to move again.

This time a grandson of Dave’s had joined the group. He began stabbing the ground with the pitchfork and when he pulled it out something was attached. Dave attacked with the grass clippers. My husband grabbed a bucket from the garage to capture the critter. I was called outside to view their prey. This mole had been feasting because it was a fat fellow. Unfortunately for him, he chose the wrong yard to burrow in and his life was at its end.

It’s been a few days, no new mole mounds have surfaced, so I hope the mole drama is over and word spreads in the tunnels of the danger lurking above.