Reasons to Celebrate

This week I was away from home. I spent four days modeling writing lessons in grades 3-5 and one day meeting with K-5 teachers on their plan period. It was an exhausting week! I celebrate that I survived and have completed all my days contracted in this school.

This is an inner city school. If you have never worked in an inner city school it would be impossible to comprehend how difficult life can be for these teachers and students. I celebrate the determination that these teachers have to return to their classes day after day. I don’t know if I could have spent my career in this situation. I am so thankful for the districts that I did work in.

Returning home was a reason to celebrate, but to make it even better, I was able to meet up with my friends to enjoy a coffee and lots of conversation. They heard my tale of woe and I listened to the stories of their life. It was a time to refuel the soul. That’s what friends do.

Today, the breeze is warm. The grill will be uncovered (for a short time) to give me char-grilled burgers and veggies tonight. I celebrate the tastes of summer. Tomorrow will be another story, so I will savor the flavors of this day.

Noticing celebrations makes my weekend happy.