“If I get a pizza for dinner, could I put it in the refrigerator of the kitchen, so I will have my lunch for tomorrow?” I asked the girl at the motel registration desk.

“No problem, we can do that,” she responded back to me.

“If I order a small pizza, will I have enough to make a lunch tomorrow?” I ask the waitress in the pizza place.

“Absolutely, you will have plenty for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow,” is the response to my question.

The pizza is delicious! I smile when I think of my lunch tomorrow. Once I return to the motel, I hand over the pizza leftovers to the desk clerk. She labels the outside with my room number. Casually I think to myself that is probably not necessary. After all, how many guests make a request like this? I head to my room where I spend the evening reading slices and commenting.

The next morning, I wander down for breakfast. As I am eating, I am keeping an eye out for the person who can retrieve my pizza before I return to my room. Breakfast is finished, no person around. The door is open to the kitchen (labeled Employees Only), but I quickly pop in to grab my pizza. Hmmm, no pizza in the fridge. I step out quickly, I don’t want to look through the other appliances there.

I approach the desk and explain that they have my pizza in their fridge, could she get it for me? Sure, no problem. I follow her to the kitchen, she looks in the fridge. She looks at me puzzled. Then her face changes, she heads back to the desk. I’m thinking this is not a good sign. She hands me a card and says, “There was a little mix up last night.”

I open the card to read: “Your pizza was mistakenly taken for an associate treat. Please accept my apology. Very embarrassed.” It was signed by the employee and there was a twenty dollar bill inside.

I handed the money back to the girl and told her to return the money. She apologized profusely, I assured her it was no big deal.

Inside, I was extremely disappointed that my lunch was consumed by someone other than me. But I also had to laugh, I’m sure this lady was horrified by what she had done. Perhaps she will look a little closer at the food in the fridge next time.