Enticing, But Disappointing

An email popped up from American Airlines asking if I could keep a secret. My mental answer was No, but I had to look.

Oh, the offer sounded so good! Book a trip and we will reveal a discount at you check out. Yes, I want to go! I continued to read, my mind jumping from one location to the next, as I scrolled down to get more information. Discover is the promo code. I jot it down, still trying out destinations in my mind. I want to discover! Hope of a trip rises.

What’s this in the smaller print? Rules and regulations? I read on. What? I have to book a flight and a hotel package? This package must total over $1,250? Hopes of a fun getaway crashed. I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a little trip.

The next move of the cursor was Delete. I can keep their secret, this time.