Tax Time

Question of the day: Will I owe money to IRS or do they owe me money? Keep reading to find out.

At 6:20 p.m. my cell phone rings. I look to see who the caller is but only the number shows. As it rings I study the number, do I know this number? It is in my area code, so it is local. I answer. It is the accountant’s office, our taxes are ready to be picked up. No clue if it is good news or bad news. “Great,” I say, “I will come over tomorrow and pick them up.”

I am not too worried, whatever it is I know that we will be able to handle it. My husband, on the other hand, continues to fret. “This is going to be expensive. I know we are going to have a massive tax bill.” He is concerned because he had a few part time jobs last year and no taxes were taken out. I understand his concern, but still I don’t think he made that much that it should be an issue.

I used to do our taxes. First I just muddled through on my own, then I began using Turbo Tax, which made it much easier. But as time went on and our circumstances changed, I had more and more difficulty understanding where to put what number with Turbo Tax. My stress level would rise as I watched the numbers on the computer grow. We always owed money and that was after paying extra taxes quarterly. The spring was never joyful.

Finally I had enough. We found an accountant to take over this onerous task. The tax story changed when he took over. We began getting money back. We paid less and less on the quarterly tax. Now tax time is not such a terrible time. I happily fill in the worksheet, stack receipts, and turn it over to him. A few weeks later, I get the call. Now spring is joyful, especially when we don’t have a huge tax bill. Once again, the accountant knew where to put the numbers and they came out in our favor. No taxes due! A refund will be deposited in our checking account. Now that’s good news!

To celebrate taxes I made Chocolate Peanut Butter

A Pinterest find, I think I will keep it, yum!

A Pinterest find, I think I will keep it, yum!

Cheesecake Cookie Bars for dessert. Who would of thought there’d be reasons to celebrate tax time? I hope you have good news on your taxes too.