Where Are You?

After the conference Saturday, I paused before the restroom door, but home was only fifteen minutes away. I could wait. Of course, I crossed my fingers that there would not be a wreck on the road to delay me. No problem, I sailed through and made it home in record time.

However, I also sailed through the house to get to the bathroom (I had been keeping myself hydrated during the conference). Once I emerged from the bathroom, I noticed how eerily quiet the house was.

Where was my husband? He wasn’t in the recliner. I headed back to the garage to check the bike rack, all bikes present and accounted for. The car was in its usual spot. Hmmm, where could he be?

Back in the house I checked all rooms and surveyed the yard. Still no husband. I knew he had to be close, so I texted him. He texted back that he was with Dave, our neighbor. Mystery solved.

When I heard the garage door groaning, I knew my husband was home. I went to see what was going on.

They had gone to fill all gas cans just in case the power went off due to the ice that was to accumulate Sunday. Better to be prepared. We’ve lived through an epic ice storm with no power for a week seven years ago. So far the power has held.

Will this be the last bit of winter? I can only hope so.