What’s Loose?

Something is awry with my computer. There may be a poltergeist haunting my computer. Let me explain.

There is a key at the top of the key board on my laptop that turns on and off the internet. When I am connected the little light shines a lovely white beacon. As you can see in the photo below there is a key next to it that is usually red. That would be the sound. It is only turned on when I need to hear a video. I do not like the constant dinging of the computer, so I keep it turned off.

This is how it looks when all is right in the world.

This is how it looks when all is right in the world.

I have been known to turn off the internet when I thought I was turning off the sound. That is not the case now. My fingers were no where near those keys when I got the message you are not connected to the internet.

I huffed and immediately pushed the key blazing the red light. Nothing happened. I became indignant. Perhaps you didn’t feel my touch. I pushed it again. Nothing. Happened. Again and again I pushed, same result. Red light continues to shine brightly. It seems to say, “Ha, ha, you can’t turn me off!” What’s going on?

I glanced over to the bars that tell me the strength of my internet. There was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark over them. When I clicked on it, I was informed I had limited access.

Now I am truly perturbed. I was informed that Windows was unable to connect to this network. They wanted to know if I wanted them to tell me more. Of course I do! I cannot be without my internet!

I must go through this troubleshooting multiple times a day! It's becoming annoying!

I must go through this troubleshooting multiple times a day! It’s becoming annoying!

According to the trouble shooter, I have a cable loose. Interesting, I’m not quite sure how that works since everything is wireless. Is that the computer’s way of telling me I have a screw loose?

If anyone knows what this means, please leave your ideas in the comments, but remember I’m not the most computer savvy person. I know just enough to get by (or be dangerous).

Oh no! Now my space bar is acting wonky too!

22 thoughts on “What’s Loose?

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    My computer got hacked today and we were not successful with changing my password. So, I am without my laptop! I hate typing on my iPad. After reading your story I guess I shouldn’t complain!

  2. Oh, shucks! Yes, this is NOT the time for no Internet, or any computer problems at all. I wish I could help, but I am not much more tech savvy than you, it seems! Good luck!

  3. ‘According to the trouble shooter, I have a cable loose. Interesting, I’m not quite sure how that works since everything is wireless. Is that the computer’s way of telling me I have a screw loose?’—ahh the humor! and I so relate to computer foibles! Ya just have to be able to laugh!

  4. Tam says:

    I always have to plead that I am not at fault–I didn’t do anything special! Sometimes it is a waiting situation and sometimes, it’s just unplug from your router and begin again. How does one deal with a myriad of reasons? Computer gurus just do it and don’t explain. Why? Maybe they are just like doctors–try this and call me in the morning! Hope your next post is victory over technology!

  5. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, I think we’ve all been there, done that and don’t want to do it again. When hubby is having trouble, I usually just walk up to the computer and it starts working. It might just be your internet provider who is having a problem. I’d start with them, but that could be an hour on the phone because they have a whole list of things that you need to try – even though you have already tried them. And then, I’d start looking for a new computer!

  6. Oh, the benefits and challenges of technology! So frustrating. My easiest (& most expensive!) answer: Time for a new laptop. Now, the internet connection? Sometimes it just needs resetting — unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. We occasionally have to do that and it usually happens when you need the internet connection asap! Good luck!

  7. I wish I could help. Whenever I have problems with the computer I call on my husband. He is a computer programmer. What irritates me is that he will often come in…look at the computer while I am explaining the problem…and for some reason…problem is fixed. I swear it is just his look. Anyway, good luck on figuring it out. I will have Ray read your blog later to see if he has any ideas…and if not…stare at the pictures…that may scare your computer to start working.

  8. Sounds like you have lots of suggestions for your issue. I don’t have a clue but you might to need to call someone to take a physical look. Is it time for a new computer, or a simpler way to get to the internet?

  9. “According to the trouble shooter, I have a cable loose. Interesting, I’m not quite sure how that works since everything is wireless. Is that the computer’s way of telling me I have a screw loose?” Ha-ha-ha. I am convinced that technology has its own mind. Sometimes when my laptop doesn’t want to work, I ask a colleague to pat it , and it works again. Internet is even more complicated and moody.

  10. Oh Boy! I thought it was only me. I tried for fifteen minutes to get connected today. I turned the system off and back on several times. I kept getting the message “No Internet Connection”. I finally got on, went to TWT to do some reading, clicked on a link, and was told the computer was unable to connect. Luckily, now it is working. Don’t know how.

  11. Oh, I had to giggle. Yes, I know just enough to be dangerous. I loved the personification with the computer red light when it saying “ha, ha!” I can totally relate to this. Thanks for using your voice and humor in this slice, I needed it. Day 2 with a seventeen year old (almost!) and her 13 year old brother snowed in. I realize now the next time my oldest asks to go out, it is ok to say yesssss!

  12. This has been happening to me too! I laughed while reading your post and thought it’s not just me. Even though I had green light on the modem I unplugged it and counted to 10. Then plugged it back in and it is working fine now.

  13. I know it isn’t funny because I keep loosing my connection at home too. I unplugged the airport and plugged it back in again and restarted my computer. I also think the ice and snow has something to do with the connection thing. But I am getting tired of it also. xo

  14. First thing to do before you call for real help… turn the keyboard upside down. Tap it, tilt it, tap it… repeat a few times (like cleaning your toaster). Many times this just means you have a crumb or cat hair or some tiny piece of something that just needs to be dislodged. If that doesn’t work then it is a connection issue in your keyboard and you may just need a new one. Do you have a different keyboard to try if the “turn it, tilt it and tap it” method doesn’t work?

    • No other keyboard is available. 😦 I did pop the space bar off to clean under it, not sure I have reinstalled it exactly right. Oh, the woes!

  15. Did you call and talk to a real person? That’s a sure fire way for it to fix itself! Whenever I get around to calling, by the time I actually get to speak to someone, the problem has gone away.

  16. I am guessing that all is well, Elsie. There is always the possibility for problems, but the quick answer is that sometimes the computers (for whatever mysterious reason) do this. Happens with my mail more than other times. All you need to do is restart. It’s magic, & the problem will go away. I always laugh & say the computer is thinking ‘too’ much. Hope it works!

  17. Ramona says:

    I can so identify with this line, “I know just enough to get by (or be dangerous).” Have you tried restarting the computer? Most of the time this works for me, but I rarely try it first. Hope your problem is solved soon!

    • Yes, I have restarted the computer, multiple times. It may be something I have to live with for a while. The test will be when I am on another network and see if it does the same thing.

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