Where Are You?

After the conference Saturday, I paused before the restroom door, but home was only fifteen minutes away. I could wait. Of course, I crossed my fingers that there would not be a wreck on the road to delay me. No problem, I sailed through and made it home in record time.

However, I also sailed through the house to get to the bathroom (I had been keeping myself hydrated during the conference). Once I emerged from the bathroom, I noticed how eerily quiet the house was.

Where was my husband? He wasn’t in the recliner. I headed back to the garage to check the bike rack, all bikes present and accounted for. The car was in its usual spot. Hmmm, where could he be?

Back in the house I checked all rooms and surveyed the yard. Still no husband. I knew he had to be close, so I texted him. He texted back that he was with Dave, our neighbor. Mystery solved.

When I heard the garage door groaning, I knew my husband was home. I went to see what was going on.

They had gone to fill all gas cans just in case the power went off due to the ice that was to accumulate Sunday. Better to be prepared. We’ve lived through an epic ice storm with no power for a week seven years ago. So far the power has held.

Will this be the last bit of winter? I can only hope so.

25 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. love it. I usually have to have someone call my cell phone to see where I have left it, but I haven’t had to search for a family member with it yet. 🙂 Great slice!!

  2. I most definitely would have sailed right into the bathroom first as well! There have been several occasions where I thought my husband was in the house and then I couldn’t find him. Thank heavens for cell phones!
    Hope you didn’t have to use the gasoline and the ice wasn’t bad.

  3. Oh boy, I thought when your hubby was missing he was up to no good or researching a new car! I’m glad you were able to quickly locate him and even more impressed at his quick response! Let’s just all agree that winter is over. 🙂 Glad that’s been decided!

  4. I was expecting something a bit more dramatic than texting when you said you had to use technology to find your husband.. maybe the “find my iPhone” app or a cell locator device! I suppose that is just the technology-obsessed teenager talking, however. Technology has become such a common part of our lives. Sometimes if my parents are downstairs instead of screaming I’ll just text them. It’s funny to think about how different it must have been when they were my age!

  5. b says:

    Elsie! Love that your husband was preparing to take care of you in the event of ice! Hopefully you didn’t get what forecasters predicted. Also love that your husband answered your text right away to put your mind at ease. 🙂 Sweet!

  6. Jaana says:

    Your title made me come to your blog. I was intrigued. Not sure what I would encounter, but new it would be interesting! Do you think we used to yell a lot more before texting? Or how else did we find our family members?

  7. It is so easy to relate to this experience. I have resorted to such actions many times in an effort to locate my dear wife when we find ourselves mysteriously separated when in the same shopping mall. We usually end up in visual contact just as we resort to our phones. Technology at its best in your slice- solving a mystery. A simple experience well captured.

  8. Today was our first real snow here in TN – still a piddlin’ amount – but on top of a layer of ice. Our daughter and son-in-law lost power last night, but it is back on now. Hope all is well with you.

  9. Judy C. says:

    Hubby’s do have a tendency to get lost! You’ve just triggered a memory from several years ago when mine went missing. It will be a great slice for later this month! Glad you didn’t lose power – neither did we. I’m hoping this is the last hoorah for winter.

  10. 7 days without power! That has happened to me twice–once with an ice storm and once with a wind storm (really a tornado but they never called it that). Here is to a quick end to winter as I sit in my warm home watching yet another snowflake fall.

  11. I got up this morning expecting to see snow. Nothing. The storm stayed south of us. I am not complaining. I, too, make sure there is gas for the generator when a major storm is predicted. Better to be safe.

  12. We lucked out this time! It was enough to cancel school today but not as bad as they were predicting. I certainly hope this is our last bout with Old Man Winter. He was wore out his welcome!

  13. Like others above, what did we do without the tech? Glad all was well, however, & hope your storm wasn’t/isn’t too bad. My son in Lubbock was sitting on a plane there this am being de-iced-very unlikely occurrence! This winter has been strange!

  14. Ramona says:

    Hopeful that you won’t need those gas cans. My family in OK is also experiencing this latest storm. I think it’s time for winter to relax its tenacious hold.

  15. Isn’t it funny how quickly we’ve taken to all this. As a kid, my mother knew vaguely where I was, but not always specifically. Given the busyness of lives these days, texting is a great blessing.

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