Ready to Learn

When you are spending a day at a conference what do you need to be productive and stay engaged? I am set up for the day. I think I have everything I need to get through this day.

Here is my spot for the day with all supplies ready to learn.

Here is my spot for the day with all supplies ready to learn.

Now you may have viewed my picture and wondered about a few of the items. Let me explain the purpose of each item in the photo. I will be starting on the left and working my way across.

First off, you need to note my location on the long table. I arrived early enough to secure an end seat where the aisle is to my left. I am left handed. If you are left handed you understand. If you are not left handed you can’t understand how difficult simple tasks can be.

Water is needed to stay hydrated. Post-its are in front of the glass with a highlighter and magnifying glass nearby. Yes, there is a magnifying glass to help me see the small print on the handout.

Sidebar note of explanation: I cannot use the reader type glasses because I had lasik eye surgery seven years ago and they did mono-vision on me. One eye was adjusted for seeing distance, while the other eye is for reading. Those glasses just don’t work for me, hence I travel with a magnifying glass.

My ipad is encased in green and my stylus is on top. I am able to connect to the internet when the presenter refers to several web sites.

We were told to bring certain texts to this conference. The notebook contains the Common Core Standards plus two additional books written by the presenters. (Did we ever use any of these items? No!)

In the forefront you see the handout for the day’s session plus my notebook and pen.

All supplies were used, except the texts we were told to bring. Hmmm, do you suppose book sales have been lagging and this was the perfect opportunity to boost their numbers?

It was a day of learning, but I think I’m still a bit aggravated that nothing was done with the materials we had to haul in.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

28 thoughts on “Ready to Learn

  1. b says:

    So interesting to look at your set-up. The only thing that is missing is a Venti Starbucks treat! You know, caffeine to keep you in the moment. 🙂 I’m sorry about the extra materials — that DOES stink. What were you learning about? b

  2. I liked seeing your learning from your point of view. (How annoying they made you buy & bring those books though — that’s pretty shady!) Hope you learned a lot!

  3. I first thought you were sitting at home, attending an on-line webinar. I do that quite often. Being left- handed, I know exactly the difficulties a leftie experiences if a seat on the left is not available. I always notice other left-handed people. Seating when dining out even becomes an issue. We live in a right- handed world. Many left-handed people learn to do things with their right hand because it simplifies the need for exceptions. I learned to iron using my right hand because that is how my Mom taught me.

  4. You’ve changed your blog too since the last time I was here (I’ve been away too long!) I love it.

    I set myself up at conferences too–although not left handed, I still like the end of the table. I convince myself I have more room this way. And send those books back. If they weren’t important enough to use during PD, they won’t have much use for you now!

  5. Julie Crocker says:

    Not left-handed but I definitely need to spread out at conferences and definitely prefer an end of table seat. I thought I was the only one… : )

  6. I’m a bit fascinated by your magnifying class and the reason for it. The body is amazing. My brother-in-law is an eye doctor and I now have a new topic of conversation to engage him in the next time I see him. 😉 Hoping that you may be able to return those books if they aren’t real useful. Goodness knows you probably have a giant list of books you’d like to purchase for reading.

  7. I dislike having to haul around unnecessary materials, too – especially since so much is lso handed out during workshops. But – it was a good learning experience – that’s what counts!

  8. Judy C. says:

    Organization is key when attending workshops. My opinion on bringing unused texts – they want you to get some exercise before starting and afterward – just lifting and carrying, pushing them aside or putting them on the floor. Think about how many muscles you worked in just one day!

  9. When I go to conferences I like to spread our as well. Usually I have things in nice neat piles and know exactly where everything is. Then the speaker starts and I end up shuffling things around trying to find what is being referenced and making a mess. By the time the conference is over it looks like a whirlwind went through where I was sitting.

  10. I am glad that more and more materials are moving online , so there hasn’t been a need to carry so many materials any more. The question remains – why did you have to bring the papers if they were not used?

  11. Your iPad cover is the same as mine! I, too, have to find my seat and get organized before a presentation. Sitting near the front is a must for me as I sit short and don’t like to dodge heads. Yes, it is more than aggravating dragging materials they say to bring…and then not using them. grrr
    I am interested in what the conference was about…you mentioned Common Core Standards. Since I am retired I have become somewhat out of the loop and only hear comments about the Common Core…and many not so good. 🙂 So…is your Conference in Arizona? Hmmmm…I am full of questions.

  12. cspetersonauthor says:

    Hauling around those unused texts resonated with me. It would be so much more sensible and lighter, if those materials were available electronically anyway. Nice post.

  13. Love your use of a photo inspire your slice. You are like an athlete preparing for your best performance. Don’t you think there could be a market for glasses that accommodate folks with monovision? And finally I hate it when they ask you to haul things in you don’t use. Seriously.

  14. Jaana says:

    The green cover for your iPad caught my eye. It made the whole setting look so much brighter (of course green is my favorite color). Your pen is also my choice of a pen to write notes! This new look to your blog is wonderful!

  15. I love the setup Elsie. I agree, I HATE having to lug stuff if it isn’t going to be used. But at least it was a good learning opportunity.

  16. Very funny, Elsie, and not only are you aggravated about the non-use of books, I’m thinking you didn’t take away much after being ready to do so. Some PDs are definitely better than other ones! (My son is left handed so I understand about the seating!) Have a great day!

  17. SO organized! That stinks about the unused materials you had to lug in with you, though. I hope it was a good conference. You were definitely a prepared participant! P.S. I am still loving your new blog look. It has me thinking about my own….

  18. Elsie – you are a very organized lady. Everything laid out so neatly. As I read your post I can hear you talking. Especially the irritation with packing in the texts that were not used!

  19. Your voice comes shining through in this, Elsie. I definitely heard your annoyance with the request to bring those texts. I loved the reflections about being left-handed–it’s not something we generally think about and we should!
    On another note, Larkin was thrilled that you commented on her post–I’m so happy she’s doing this again! Thank you.

  20. I love the idea of posting a photo as a companion to your entry. It truly helped me visualize the setting. The added commentary really brought through your voice and tone.

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