Stubborn Avocado

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

The avocado arrived at its new home in a green mesh bag with four other avocados. The bag was ripped open and all the avocados tumbled out to join the Halo oranges, the bananas, and artificial apples and grapes in the black wire basket on the counter. Immediately, a hand reached in to lightly squeeze each avocado, but each one settled back in the basket.

Every day,two oranges disappeared at lunch time, but then new oranges would join the rest of the fruits. Bananas vanished, never to be seen again. After several days, the hand appeared again, lightly squeezed again, but nothing settled back in the basket. An avocado disappeared. The next day, two avocados disappeared!

Now, only one avocado remained in the basket. The hand appeared, not so lightly squeezed. Plunk! The avocado dropped back into the basket. Someone gave an exasperated harumph!

The banana is too ripe, but that stubborn avocado won't ripen!

The banana is too ripe, but that stubborn avocado won’t ripen!

How long will this stubborn avocado take to ripen? It’s been over a week. I guess avocados are a lot like kids. They ripen/learn at their own rate.


28 thoughts on “Stubborn Avocado

  1. I think the lead, “The avocado arrived at its new home in a green mesh bag with four other avocados,” is so effective. I wanted to just keep on reading…and I did. What a fun post! Love it.

  2. What a fun, creative slice! It’s funny how things like avocados have personalities. You really brought that to life here, and I enjoyed hearing what the other fruit were up to, too.

  3. Oh, those avocados!!! My boys used to have a picture book called Avocado Baby, by John Burningham, about a baby who grew so strong from eating avocados that he scared away a robber. It was a truly funny picture book! I love your slice about avocados!!! Now I must have guacamole…

  4. Cute! I was interested to figure out why the avocado kept going back! At first I thought nobody in your house liked avocados, so I was surprised when two disappeared! I love your unique tone in these types of slices! 🙂

  5. Judy C. says:

    Elsie, I don’t know how you do it. Making a hilarious slice out of an avocado! Love that “hand appearing”.

    • A half is used every night in a tossed salad, sometimes it is sliced and put on a sandwich, or it is mixed with some salsa for a guacamole type dip. Once it is ripe it waits in the refrigerator vegetable bin until its turn to be consumed. I love avocados!

  6. I have that experience from time to time. The basket on the counter gets quite a selection! Love your point of view in this. I can see that hand reaching and closing in. Harumph!

  7. Great slice. I love your ending, comparing the avocado to a student. Funny, however, that a student can be labeled stubborn for not “ripening” and it sounds so absurd to apply the same term to a fruit! Good reminder that it is all in good time.

  8. Aww I like the lesson at the end there. Totally true! Your whole flow is so great though. I liked the mystery of the hand taking the fruits. It felt childlike and sweet. Ripe even! I’ve never eaten an avocado so this explained their stubbornness to me!

  9. Lynn says:

    Elsie I am an avocado freak! I have been disappointed at times when purchasing them for Cosco because sometimes they just don’t ripen. (good thing Cosco has a great return policy) There is some that say if you pick off the little “nub” and it falls off easily and is yellow, the avocado is ripe. Nothing worse than a hard or brown avocado!

  10. Love that analogy, Elsie-terrific. Now I will think avocados when I watch the grand-girls growing up! My trick learned a while ago is to put the avocados in a paper bag. They’ll ripen faster!

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