It Begins – Day 1

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Before writing this first post for the March challenge, I wondered how have I started the month in the past? I have vague memories of thinking will I be able to write all month. This is my sixth year of participating in the writing challenge. I should be confident in my abilities to construct a slice of life, but that is not the case. So I opened the March 1 blog post for each year. Here is what I’ve discovered by rereading my posts:

  • 2011 Change of Plans: I didn’t show any fear of writing for the month, what did I know at that point? My post was a snippet of irritation.
  • 2012 March 1 – Here We Go!: Here the OMG what will I write?! kicked in. My calendar was full to the brim. Now I was a little smarter, I knew what it felt like writing for the month. By the end of the post I talked myself into a “You can do it!” attitude.
  • 2013 Let the Fun Begin #1: I took stock of having a writing life, it still amazes me that I do have a writing life. I knew I could do it, I had done it for two years. Now let’s have fun.
  • 2014 Make Over: Here is when I changed the way the blog looked. I’d had the same look for three years, and thought I might try on a new style. I’m sad that it changed the style from the previous years, I’d like to have kept the original look for those posts. Once again, there was no mention of worry for the month.
  • 2015 Thirty-One Days: Last year I created a poem for my first post. I still like that poem. It encompasses all that I feel beginning the challenge.
  • 2016: It Begins – Day 1: So far it is a retrospect of past posts and each one is linked to the original post.

The time has come to be hyper-vigilant of the happenings in my life in order to record a single slice of my actions, thinking, observations. Welcome to this world, where bits of you are shared with the world. Don’t panic, savor the writing each and every day. Isn’t that what we ask students to do daily? Day 1 is written and posted, only thirty more to go. 🙂