Dinner Rebooted

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

The hands of the clock move closer and closer to five. I know it’s time for me to head into the kitchen to begin the process known as dinner. I usually have a plan, so I can move straight to the refrigerator to pull out the necessary ingredients for the evening cuisine.

Tonight, it is Healthy Orange Chicken. I chop the chicken breast into bite-sized pieces. I zest the rind of the orange and squeeze the fresh juice to make the sauce. Boxed fried rice is simmering in the skillet. The chicken has cooked, I’m adding the sauce. It seems there won’t be time to cook a few of the pot stickers I have in the freezer. Salads are ready. All that’s left is to thicken the chicken in the orange sauce.


The neighbor across the street has a foil pan with a smoked pork butt that he has just pulled from his Big Green Egg. He delivers this with thanks to my husband for helping him with cabinets he was installing in his garage. I think it is also thanks for clearing his driveway when we had our one slightly measurable snow this year. (Side note: we have a snowblower, my husband travels the street clearing all the driveways just because he can.)

The smoked smell fills the kitchen. I lift the lid to sample a bite. Mmmmm, pure heaven! I look at my nearly finished dinner. I look at the pan of pulled pork. I think, the pork would be better tonight, I can reheat the orange chicken tomorrow (and maybe get my pot stickers too). I wonder aloud, “What else could we have with the pork? I have some green beans I could cook.” My husband volunteers to peel potatoes for fried potatoes.

Reboot the dinner. Fried rice set aside. Orange chicken poured into a plastic container. Quick wash of the skillet for the potatoes. Clean and cut beans to cook. Twenty minutes later dinner is ready. Freshly smoked pulled pork wins over orange chicken. Now dinner is nearly ready for tomorrow. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.


The only part of dinner that stayed the same would be the cup of strawberries.