Dinner – Your Choice

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

While creating the grocery list for the week, I posed this question to my husband, “Any suggestions for dinner this week?” Being the CEO of the kitchen, I usually determine the menu, but I am always willing to take requests. In fact, I love requests, makes my job so much easier. His response surprised me.

“Chicken pot pie.”

“Really? It’s not supposed to be very cold this week. Isn’t that comfort food for when it’s cold and nasty outside?”

“I know, but we haven’t had it much this winter.”

“That’s because it hasn’t been very cold or nasty outside.”

“We can end the winter with one last chicken pot pie.”

So we did.

It turned out this was perfect because the day deteriorated with thunderstorms. It's always a challenge to get the filling thick enough. One day I will get it right.

It turned out this was perfect because the day deteriorated with thunderstorms. It’s always a challenge to get the filling thick enough. One day I will get it right.



24 thoughts on “Dinner – Your Choice

  1. Your line about loving requests in the kitchen hits home. My wife and I often ask our kids what they want…they rarely make specific requests, but are often quick to find fault when our choices hit the table!

    Great post and mouth-watering photos, too!

  2. Love your title “CEO of the Kitchen”. Yup! Your conversational structure was fun. Thankfully, we haven’t had too many horrible winter days. 🙂 Love the pictures!

  3. Delicious! I love the line about you being CEO of the kitchen. I made a version of chicken pot pie this past weekend for my niece. Instead of a pie the recipe, Chicken with a Cheese Cloud, has a cheesy biscuit top.

  4. I love the progressive photos but the line I want to borrow is CEO of the kitchen. I think that might get me through a conversation about fridge organization or my spices in alphabetical order – I can’t believe I just shared that in print.

  5. Mmmmmm, elsie! Chicken pot pie is one of my absolute favorite winter meals! (I don’t make a homemade one though — I just order it in restaurants all winter, whenever I can!)

  6. I LOVE chicken pot pie! I have been sick for a few weeks and haven’t had the motivation to make dinner, so it is nice to live vicariously through this post! Nice work!

  7. As much as I love chicken pot pies – I’ve never made one from scratch! We tend to buy them through our church – which makes them for a yearly fundraise. Yours looks delicious! mmmm
    My go to comfort food in the winter – is chili.

  8. Judy C. says:

    We haven’t had many of those cold weather meals either. Haven’t had chicken pot pie in a long time. Making that decision of what’s for dinner is the most difficult. I always have to decide, but hubby cooks which makes it all worthwhile.

  9. That looks amazing! I love how you call yourself the CEO of the kitchen. It immediately flooded me with memories of my mom, a CEO too, cooking up dinner in the kitchen. I also love how your husband requests comfort food – that has my dad written all over it. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Terje says:

    Lucky you to get a concrete answer. When we don’t have a plan in our family it might take a long time to decide.

  11. This looks delish! I’ve never been a big cooker, but have always wanted to learn! Maybe I will tackle this treat the next time the weather gets crummy! Enjoy!

  12. I’m a big fan of chicken pot pie AND of dinner ideas! No matter what, dinner comes around every day…just when I’m most tired and cranky. Last night, it was mac and cheese and rolls; and though I cringed at the lack of leafy greens, I ate two big bowls full. Sometimes comfort food truly is comforting!!!

  13. Lynn says:

    Wow Elsie! You always seem to come up with some very yummy dinners! I really don’t like thinking about what to make . . . it seems so redundant!

  14. Not as much snow and cold, but still, we got snow and cold! All the old “cold weather” foods made their appearance this winter, with good reason. Any day the temperature makes it below -10, chili is ALWAYS on the menu!! 😉

    Thank you for your slice that’s making me hungry! 🙂

  15. Such a strange winter for almost everyone. I’ve never made chicken pot pie, but grew up it eating frozen versions. I’ve often chosen it in restaurants. Several years ago, at a service exchange with church friends, I was gifted a chicken pot pie. Yum!

  16. Oh Yum! I love making chicken pot pie, and this looks wonderful, Elsie. You’re so right, there haven’t been many cold and cozy days that call for it. Aren’t you happy you got that request?

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