He Said/She Said

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.


He said: I screwed up, the auto show doesn’t open until five on Wednesday. I can’t go because I have to work on Thursday.

She said: Oh, no! Maybe you can go over the weekend, I know that’s not your favorite time to go since it will be more crowded.

Days passed.

She thought and thought: I could go with him to the auto show. He wouldn’t have to go alone. At least I would get to eat out. Do I offer to go? It’s not my idea of fun, but I hate sending him off alone on the weekend.

She said: If you want I will go with you if you want to go to the auto show on Saturday.

He said: I wouldn’t do that to you. You would hate it. Why would you want to go?

She said: I hate for you to go alone. I could read in the car. I get to eat out.

He said: Thank you for the offer, but I would be more worried about you having fun. I don’t mind being alone.

He thought and thought: Does she really mean that? Would we have fun? Why not? We need to step out and do something different. We will need a new car one day, I can get some feedback on contenders.

Early Saturday morning:

He said: We could go up to Kansas City, eat lunch at the Plaza, then go to the car show. Are you sure you want to do this?

She said: Just let me get my post written and posted. I’ll have to do comments when we get home.

So he and she spent the day in Kansas City. Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, yum! Meandered through several stores on the Country Club Plaza that we don’t have in Springfield, no purchases. Spent several hours looking at new cars. He hopping in and out of cars testing the comfortability of the front seats. She on the lookout for give aways by the dealers. She collected several reusable bags for grocery shopping. She disappointed that there wasn’t more interesting things being given away.

All in all, a good day for he and she.

These are the cars I loved, not the new ones. Pasta Carbonara for lunch. Couple shots from the Plaza.

These are the cars I loved, not the new ones. Pasta Carbonara for lunch. Couple shots from the Plaza.


33 thoughts on “He Said/She Said

  1. Great format. Ray and I have a similar thing, but it is with Air Shows. He loves them and I really have no interest after being there for an hour…well maybe five minutes. But I hate to see him go by himself, so I go. He hates to see me sitting in the hot sun, so he gets the tickets where we have tables in a tent with water and snacks. I sit reading my Kindle and he is in heaven taking pictures of the planes. Loved reading this as it made me smile.

  2. Blue sky weather, meandering through new shops and The Cheesecake Factory, oh yes, and a little car show to boot. Sounds like a nice Saturday. Thanks for the “He said/She said” format. I may have to join the others who are inspired by it 🙂

  3. I like the format! I’m always curious how my husband perceives things and thinks through them, because it is so different than my way. I love Cheesecake Factory too! Glad you had a wonderful weekend day with your sweetie!

  4. A bottle of wine….red or white. What ever whets your appetite Hmmm. Lehigh Anne seems you had a Billy Joel afternoon. (Suppose see to be on vavac but could not resist)

  5. Judy C. says:

    Sometimes we just do things to make each other happy. Enjoyed your he said/she said format. The best part – eating out and being together.

  6. I love the structure of this one. I’ve spent many a time at a concert I had no desire to go to, so that my dear beloved would not have to go it alone. Over the years he has even gotten me on board with some of his favorite bands. 🙂 I’m glad he and she got to have some fun.

  7. Love the structute of your piece. It made it fun to read. I would have gone, too if it meant lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! You and your hubbie speak each others love languages. That’s beautiful!

  8. Elsie,
    I really enjoyed the He said/She said format of your writing! I will have to borrow that one! I am so glad you enjoyed your day. I hope you had a big piece of cheesecake!

  9. Love between the two of you shines through, Elsie. It sounds like a compromise that worked so beautifully. I love the Plaza, jealous that you got to visit there, too. Love the format too, so clever.

  10. I enjoyed the format of the he said/she said in your post today. I think this shows several elements of a sweet, lasting relationship. Doing something outside of your enjoyment area for someone else, worrying about the other person having a good day, and compromising to include things both people enjoy while spending the day together. Nicely written and nicely executed!

  11. Great structure, Elsie! Last year my husband and I started having a date day about once a week. We would do something different, together – visit a museum, go out for lunch at a new restaurant, even go for a bike ride. It has been fun and makes us get out and do something different. Glad you had a good time!

  12. I was immediately drawn in by the format of this slice – I loved it! My favorite line was “I coud read in the car…” I always tell my husband I’m happy to tag along anywhere as long as I have a book in my purse. It sounds like you both had a great day, though!

  13. Love the “he said…she said” format. Since you kike both cars and they seem smallfrom the picture I think you should get one of each. 🙂 Lunch out is always good (that’s why Igo to quilt shows).

  14. What a great example of love and compromise in a relationship. And I love how you formatted it. Sorry I haven’t been by much! A super crazy week at work! Lots of late night, barely under the deadline, bad writing slices. I will try to do better.

  15. Glad you spent time with him, even though it isn’t your idea of fun. That’s real love. Oh, and super jealous of you at the Cheesecake Factory! That’s always a place on my list when I go home.

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