Computer Update

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

In February, I worried that my laptop was on its last leg. For at least five years it did its job. Creating documents, storing pictures, connecting to the internet (most of the time, there were a few issues here), and other tasks computers are known to do.

The post New Computer Pains outlines the trauma suffered transferring my data. Should you want the back story, simply click on the red title. That post left you, dear reader hanging. What was the outcome of the diagnostic test? Was it time to pull the plug on that laptop? Here’s the rest of the story . . .

I didn’t hear anything from the tech guy. I thought perhaps they had gotten busy and didn’t have time to mess with my computer. I was leaving town for several days and I meant to call them, but I didn’t. I reasoned that if they knew something, they would call me. No news is good news, right?

I got back to town, still no word from the tech guy. I should drive over to see what’s happening. But I didn’t. Weather was not conducive to leaving the house. So I waited and then the call came.

“We did the diagnostic, and nothing showed up. It is still running. Would you like me to do a system reboot? This will restore it to factory settings which will be Windows 7. Then we can upgrade it to Windows 10. Do you want your files reinstalled?”

We had discussed this scenario when I left it in their care. We didn’t think the laptop would survive the diagnostic or then the reboot. But it had survived. Now what to do? I don’t really need the files reinstalled since they are now on the new computer and I had saved them on an external drive. I gave him the go ahead to reboot and get the Windows 10 downloaded. It will be ready tonight or first thing tomorrow, he told me.

That was two days ago, I heard nothing. I went to the store to see what was happening. I was greeted with, “Hi! We’ve got your computer all ready for you!”

“Really, I didn’t get a call.” The tech guy looked confused, he wondered why I didn’t get a call. Apparently the person who checked the box that the job was completed, missed the box on the computer and checked the box that said job continue.

I’m just happy that everything has finally worked out. I have an updated laptop with my files plus another back up laptop. I’m thinking that perhaps I don’t need a back up laptop, but perhaps a granddaughter in middle school might need an older laptop.


28 thoughts on “Computer Update

  1. Wowzers! What an ordeal. Lucky you, now you have 2. I had to update my laptop this past summer. I still have my old one, too. Whenever I turn it on to grab something I didn’t transfer over to the new one I am thankful for my new laptop all over again.

  2. I wasn’t sure which way this one would go. I have days when I hate my laptop and which it would implode so I can get a new one and then other days when it’s screwy and slow and I’m terrified it will die forever, but it’s properly backed up. Technology is such a lovely bugger! Glad it worked out for you though!!!

    • Elsie, did you always have that Finch quote up on the header of your blog? I can’t remember if I’ve noticed it before. I’m on my desktop which almost never happens so I saw it clearly and it just reminded me what an excellent book that was. And horrifically sad, but still excellent.

  3. We’ve all been there…and this is just a testament to how technology has us trapped sometimes! I could feel your pain as I read along. I bet you’ll be glad to have a backup–the way things have been going for you!

  4. Megan’s school computer crashed Friday and she found out today that nothing could be saved. She is so upset but at least she only has 3/4 of a year on there.

  5. I love happy endings. Yours was a cliff hanger. There could have been so many different endings. Thanks for not leaving us in the dark. This may be the encouragment some of us need to “upgrade.” Or not.

  6. I’m happy to hear it all worked out, and that you were able to safely transfer your files. Our computers have become extensions of us. They have our pictures and documents. I remember when our computer crashed, and we lost our photos from our honeymoon. We have since learned to be more careful.

  7. I always wonder how people get attached to their computers. I know many people like that. They don’t want to get a new computer. I’m the opposite. I love upgrading to a new laptop! I’ve had this one for a little over a year, so it’s not time yet, but in another year and a half, I’ll upgrade this one, too. Glad it all worked out. I think gifting your old one to your granddaughter sounds like a wonderful idea!

  8. All’s well that ends well (or so they say)! I’m always nervous when it comes to tech problems; but I’m happy to hear that your computer problems have been resolved.

  9. Judy C. says:

    So glad your computer woes worked out for the best. Somehow hanging on to the “old” makes one feel more secure, especially when it’s related to computers.

  10. I have an old laptop too. Debating whether to hang onto it or send it to a new home. I’m still figuring out issues on the new laptop. Smaller memory so I have my pics on an external hard drive. Not sure if I like that. I need a genius hour with someone who’s an expert for iphotos. Decisions, decisions!

  11. Sounds like my issues. My old laptop went to my son whose laptop was smoking – so he says!

    So glad to hear all files are moved and save. Enjoy that new computer.

  12. I saved my old laptop, just in case. I got the “new one” four years ago. I used to use the old one for watching movies because I don’t have a TV. But more and more it just sits alone. I’m still not ready to send it away.

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