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Saturdays are usually set aside to reflect on celebrations from the past week. For the month of March, those celebrations are also a slice of my life.

Ruth Ayres deserves the top spot of celebration today. I celebrate Ruth and the way she strings words together to touch hearts, but also to encourage writers. It was her urging that finally pushed me into creating a blog and begin writing slices. I was not a writer just to write. I only wrote because I had to complete an assignment, a form, to communicate

Every lady here is a friend because I blog.

Every lady here is a friend because I blog.

with someone. Crafting words to preserve small moments of my life was not even on my horizon. I am so sorry I didn’t know the joy of writing when my son was young. So many stories lost. Ruth introduced me to a new world and filled it with friends from around the globe. Thank you Ruth!

Don’t you just love impromptu gatherings? As I sat reading slices yesterday, my phone photo (9)dinged there was a text. Yes, I can make it, I responded. So 4:30 found me enjoying the company of my friends who were celebrating the beginning hours of spring break. Sometimes you just need to step out of the routine of the ordinary and celebrate the moments of spontaneity.

BFFs, munchies, wine makes for a happy hour!

BFFs, munchies, wine makes for a happy hour!

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.



28 thoughts on “Celebrating Friends

  1. I always look forward to March and the chance to slow myself down and catch up with the slicing community. And, like you, I am so grateful to Ruth (and Stacey) for the impact they, and the first year’s crew of slicers had on my blog. I had only had my blog for a month before that first challenge, and that March went a long way to shaping who I am today as a blogger. I’ve been able to meet a few of my blog friends, as well, and look forward to meeting more!

  2. Joyce says:

    I really feel there is a certain amount of healthy therapy that results from the spontaneous meeting of good friends. Enjoy your break!

  3. OK…so one day I wanna be in the picture of people you met because of blogging! I feel like I know you through your writing. We could chat for hours over dinner and it would be like old friends catching up. I thank the SOL community for fostering this between writers.

  4. b says:

    Looks like a great Friday afternoon celebration….and sometime I hope I can be in the top shot. I’d love to see everyone face-to-face. Yes to stepping out of the routine for a little spontaneity! Hope your weekend has been one to celebrate so far…

  5. I look forward to March for so many reasons, but slicing is one of the big ones. I love reading so many slices of celebration, learning and friendship. I’m glad you were able to celebrate with your friends and I’m glad I get to read about it. Enjoy!

  6. This line is thoughtful and made me stop and reread. “Sometimes you just need to step out of the routine of the ordinary and celebrate the moments of spontaneity.” I’m going to wrestle with this more. Thanks for writing.

  7. Love how you stopped in the moment to celebrate. Yesterday afternoon at our retreat I was frantically responding to my required three blog posts. One friend wanted to know what I was doing. Sometimes our real time friends can be jealous of our blogging friendships. I love both kinds!

  8. I also wish I recorded stories of my children when they were young. Blogging was unheard of then but baby scrapbooks and journals were in vogue. I seemed to not have time. Even the photo albums were put aside. Now I sit and love to blog. A new decade, a new story to enjoy.

  9. Rita K. says:

    It’s easy to see that this slice is “from the heart”. I always loved to write, but when I was raising my brood, there was never the time. Finally I learned to just make the time…not an easy lesson.

  10. I wrote about this wonderful blogging world today too, the group that began all together, with so many still writing. It is a treasure to keep. Thanks, Elsie, love that picture of all of us.

  11. Terje says:

    Blogging is an interesting world. The more I blog, the more I enjoy both writing and mingling with other bloggers.

  12. I celebrate you today as one of my favorite writers/inspirations! I think you might have been my Welcome Wagon commenter during my first SOL challenge because you popped up every day! And yes, those responses did keep me going and wanting more. I have really enjoyed my journey with you and loved hearing some “back story” about you today since most of your posts are true “slices” that take place in the moment and focus on something other than yourself. Looks like a great group of friends you have. Why am I not surprised?!

  13. Yippee and yah for writing and for the friends that came along as an unsuspected gift! Hurrah for friends that journey with us in “real time”, too! Yea for you, a cherished friend who sometimes does both! 🙂

  14. I am so appreciating that these celebration posts are serving double here on SOL, They are wonderful to read and help me feel like I can celebrate right along with you,

  15. If a picture is worth a thousand words than your post must be worth a million! We write when we write but when we do, we truly capture the celebration of life! Great post.

  16. We have very similar posts today! I am celebrating and slicing about meeting blogging friends at All Write – the place where I met you! I think I have this picture and I think I will go add it! We will see if anyone notices!!!

  17. Ruth is the queen of celebrating writing and stories, isn’t she?! How wonderful that you’re here sharing your writing because of her. I understand your lament about not writing when your son was young; “So many stories lost.” I have periods in my life that I wish I had recorded. Love your spring break kick off photos. Enjoy your week!

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