Feasting on My Greens

Before the last snow, I wandered about the backyard looking for signs of plants waking from the winter. First place I check is my mini patch I call a garden. Tulip bulbs and asparagus crowns lie beneath the soil. When they begin the journey from underground to breaking through the dirt, I know spring is on its way.

A quick look to the right ends in disappointment. The asparagus continues to rest underground.

On the left, I discover shoots have broken ground. The tulips pushed their way through! But wait what’s that? The shoots are sheared off, level to the ground. It appears that someone with a sharp clippers has come along and clipped my green tulip shoots down to their nubs.

Do you see how this has been nibbled off? This was taken after the snow melted, so it had grown slightly from my previous viewing.

Do you see how this has been nibbled off? This was taken after the snow melted, so it had grown slightly from my previous viewing.


My eyes narrow, I know the predator of my tulips. It’s a rabbit! He has the teeth that would gnaw away at my young, green sprigs, which survived the winter cold only to be a tender tasty treat for him.

Now we will enter into a war. I will be more vigilant over my bulbs, he will not deprive me of my springtime flower.

Here are the shoots that have not been nibbled on.

Here are the shoots that have not been nibbled on.

23 thoughts on “Feasting on My Greens

  1. Lynn says:

    Is there a secret to keep rabbits away? It’s so annoying when they eat spring flowers, after all we wait for months to see them again!

  2. First green of the season. Only to be messed with by the vermin, rabbits. I know you can handle this Elsie. I look forward to hearing more about your rabbit challenge. A duel of sorts–certainly not a duet.

  3. Such determination; such resolve. Vigilance to protect your little sprouts. I can just see the tactics you’ll employ. No one will take away your spring buds!!! We have nothing breaking through the ground yet, although I noticed our Japanese maple is growing some nubs. 🙂

  4. Your word choice was so fun in this piece! “Tender tasty treat. Vigilant and deprived.” What fun. You remind me of the farmer in Tippy, Tippy Hide. Beware, you should know what happened to Farmer McGregor (I think that is his name) who wouldn’t share his garden with the bunnies. 🙂

  5. Jaana says:

    As you enter the war, what will be your weapons?Do you use chemical or organic? Or do you rely on the power of suggestion?

  6. Those rabbits are so cute, but I am sorry they chose your tulips for a meal. Good luck in keeping them away. We have trouble with deer munching on our plantings. Please post a picture when the flowers bloom, too. SO encouraging – Spring IS coming!!

  7. I will be interested in this stand off you will have with the rabbit. I have given up on any of my tulips surviving…but it is the deer who dine in my garden. They do not like the crocus or hyacinth for some reason. Looking forward to the saga of your tulips.

  8. Judy C. says:

    Those pesky rabbits! We don’t have many, but the deer seem to take a hankering to whatever I put out. The fun of living in the country.

  9. Jen and Darla says:

    Ugghhh! We have nothing green yet here…we just had a bad snow about a week ago. My weekend plan is to rake out my garden spot….getting excited just thinking about it!

  10. Now that’s the real first signs of spring. Green living things! Then critters eating them I never thought to plant asparagus. That’s a good idea. I’m going to look into that!

  11. Tam says:

    Amazing nature. It was so cold up into a week ago–frigid. But now the plants are pushing up a week later in spite of it all.

  12. Let’s just face it…you just serve up the best tasting tulip bulbs in the neighborhood. Maybe you should start requiring reservations.😊

  13. Joyce says:

    Mr. McGregor can’t hold a candle to a woman who has had her tulip shoots compromised! Will look forward to your pictorial update.

  14. shaggerspicchu says:

    Oh but he probably just hungry. The long winter with limited food, he was as excited as you to see the fresh green shoots! 😀

  15. I guess that rabbit is very picky about what it likes for his meals. I’ll have to go look to see if the rabbits have grabbed treats in my yard, Elsie. I don’t know how to prevent it, but they don’t get in my car anymore!

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