Where’s the Slice of Life?

When I need a slice of life, I get up, grab my camera, and step out. A walk around the block usually gives me something to notice and note.

Stepping out the door I hear the birds talking. I can’t see any birds, but they are definitely vocal. No picture, but I file the sound in my mind. I will need that detail for my slice.  I’m still walking down my driveway, should I turn around and call it good? No, not yet. I need a picture.

Strolling down the street, I notice the neighbor has two bird nests in his tree. I zoom in on the closest one. I wonder how many bird’s nests are in the neighborhood. Now I have a focus for my walking. Better not stop yet.

This nest is pretty small, I wonder if it was built by a hummingbird.

WhThis nest is pretty small, I wonder if it was built by a hummingbird.Whil

While I was focusing on the nest, I happened to look up. Crisscrossing lines streaked the sky. Snap, snap, snap went my camera.


I love studying trees in the winter. I began noticing some trees had lots of little branches growing out of the main branch. Some were so smooth, you would think someone had whittled away the bark. They would be perfect for roasting marshmallows. A few of the trees were already beginning to create leaf buds. Promises of foliage to come.


Back home, I glance at the sky to discover, in that short period of time, the lines in the sky were obliterated by the clouds moving in. Glad I didn’t wait to take those pictures. Just in case you were wondering, I spotted fourteen bird nests. Wonder how many more will join them this year.

So next time you are stuck for an idea, take a walk and a camera. You never know what you might notice.