Reverso Poem

At the beginning of the month, this is a poem that filled my mind.


Now we have reached the final day of March, the challenge has been met. I can reverse the poem and celebrate.

My poems are examples of a reverso poem developed by Marilyn Singer. In her book Mirror, Mirror she wrote:

mirror mirror

“We read most poems down a page. But what if we read them up? That the question I asked myself when I created the reverso. When you read a reverso down, it is one poem. when you read it up, with changes allowed only in punctuation and capitalization it is a different poem.”

At the beginning of March, I am always tentative. What will I write? Will I have time to read and comment? On the last day of March, I breathe a sigh of relief. I traveled through the month and met the challenge. I celebrate!

I can answer the question of the second poem, What will I do? I will continue to write and post on Tuesdays. I hope you will join in and continue to share a slice of your life.