A Load of Rock

A truckload of landscape rock was delivered to our driveway. My husband was doing a happy dance all weekend in anticipation of this load of rocks.

Before that, my husband had to remove the sod and cut through tree roots to create a path and lay a foundation of white rock. He worked all winter long, scraping inch by inch of sod and sawing the roots whenever the ground was warm enough to be removed.

Before that, he researched the internet for several years looking for solutions to his side yard issue. Should we lay a foundation of sand first? Should we create a path of pavers? How far should the path go? How much will this cost? Do you like this look? What about this style? Can I really do this?

Before that, our side yard wouldn’t drain properly and the grass wouldn’t grow thick and lush. For some reason the land remains damp, even in the heat of the summer. After it rains don’t even think about pushing a lawnmower into the backyard.

Before that, my husband envisioned a green retreat in our backyard. A yard of living green that surrounds and encloses. A haven for relaxing.

This project has been a multi-year endeavor, but now we now have a green retreat.

The sun was shining so brightly that the center picture makes the rock look white, but it is really black.

The sun was shining so brightly that the center picture makes the rock look white, but it is really black.

25 thoughts on “A Load of Rock

  1. crbrunelle says:

    Like many others here, I enjoyed the way you layered this with “before that.” It was a great way to bring us through the whole process. I hope you all have many wonderful moments of enjoyment in your updated space.

  2. Mandy Robek says:

    Elsie, I really was intrigued about your structure. Before that, really started with today and took us back in time with each refrain. I pictured a backwards timeline horizontally in my head. I hope you will share more pictures as it all settles. Enjoy.

  3. Well, I should just say ditto to all your previous comments. I love the your backwards rolling story. Thank you for adding another “Gotta try it” format to my to do list!

  4. rosecappelli says:

    Love the structure you used, Elsie. It reminds me of the first line of the picture book Trouper. Enjoy your new space!

  5. Wow, this sounds like a lot of work! It definitely looks like the final product was worth it though. Hopefully it should provide a new writing-haven come warmer weather.

  6. I like a story that unfolds backwards. Jeffery Deaver’s The October List comes to mind. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to come up with just the right solution.As you point out, there are an awful lot of “befores” before you get to the end result which is now.

  7. That is A LOT of work. I can just see your husband doing his happy dance with the delivery of the rocks. No wonder…after all of that research and work…even in the winter…inch by inch. Maybe he could come give us a suggestion on what to do with our rusty bucket. 🙂 Loved how you described the steps and then the collage at the end.

  8. After all that work, I am sure you will enjoy this “green retreat.” This sounds like the kind of project my husband would take on! Hopefully you will have some cooperating weather to help celebrate.

  9. Lynn says:

    Wow what a job! When we first moved here we did the stone work ourselves…it was such hard work! I can’t wait to hear and see results. I love the montage of pics, how did you do that?

  10. I love the way you took the story backwards. I can re-read it from the end to the beginning. A really clever structure! And what a project! What a pathway. I don’t blame him for doing a happy dance!

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