Pay Attention!

Grilled cheese for lunch is great, but it can be a lot of work if you follow my How-To from a previous post. Some days, I take a shortcut and have an open-faced broiled cheese. Much quicker, however not as satisfying.

A properly broiled cheese sandwich

A properly broiled cheese sandwich

Some parts are the same, still using sourdough bread, but usually a single slice. I still want two cheeses, but they are alternated on the bread, not a double layer. Sadly there is no butter. Just place the bread under the broiler to toast to the shade of brown you prefer. Then flip the bread over, add the cheese, and return to let the broiler turn that solid chunk of cheese into a mass of ooey, gooey, melty cheese.

Yesterday, I had the bread broiling, the cheese cut, so I decided to read a few posts that landed in my inbox on my iPad. I began reading Megannora’s post My Mother, the Trendsetter! (read it if you haven’t). I was engrossed in her post, but still kept an eye on my bread while it browned. I grabbed the cookie sheet in the nick of time, bread was perfectly browned. Quickly laid my cheese out and popped it back under the broiler so I could finish the post while it melted the cheese. (If you are sharp thinker, you should be thinking uh-oh, you skipped a step.)

Cheese melted, post read, I’m waiting for the cheese to cool, and thinking about my comment. Still thinking of my comment, I tear the bread in half (it was really long), take a bite, and recoiled a bit. Where’s the crunch from the toasted bread? This is . . . soggy! I flip the bread over and it is as white as the canvas from yesterday.

Quickly I realized that I pulled the bread out, piled on the cheese, and did not flip the bread over. Now what? I turned the broiler back on, laid cheese side down, and toasted the white side . Yes, I know my cheese will melt onto the pan, but I can scrape it up and slather it on my double toasted bread. Which is what I did.

So what did I learn from this? Pay attention!

Cheese disaster! But still tasty. :-)

Cheese disaster! But still tasty. 🙂