The date (3-14) sent me to Google for a place lost in my memory. Quick search of pie shops in St. Louis and there it was, Pie Oh, My! Quick snap of the phone camera of the address and my mouth began watering.

Oh my, pie . . . what kind of pie will I get? Visions of coconut cream, key lime, or perhaps a fruit pie. I love pie! I imagine the difficulty I will have making a decision.

Google maps helps us find the most direct route to the pie shop. Of course, it wasn’t easy sailing, we missed a turn, tried again, traffic prevented us from the exit, but finally we located the shop. Lucked out on a parking spot, anticipation was high.

We entered the shop and joined the line slowly making our way to the register. My eyes searched for a menu board to list the pies, no list. My eyes turned to the cases where pies should be, none in one case, two choices sat on the counter. Concern began crowding thoughts in my mind. Where was the pie?

Finally we are at the register to learn that apple and pecan are the only slice choices left. I am crushed with disappointment, my visions of pie evaporated.

“We do have these five inch pies,” the girl behind the counter offers. Hope springs forth in my heart as she brings out two choices. “This is a blueberry lavender or a caramel apple chile crumb pie.”

“Let’s try the caramel apple,” my husband says. They have just added empanadas to the case. “And let’s get two empanadas,” he adds.

She rings up our order and I’m taken aback by the high price, but we pay and leave. The empanadas are not what we expected. They must have just come out of the fridge, they were stone cold.ย The pie was saved for home.

Once we are back home, I split the pie.

Caramel apple chile pie

Caramel apple chile pie

I would like to say it was the best pie ever, but I can’t. It was okay, glad we tried it, but I won’t be rushing back. Pie, Oh, My! you let me down, you were not the pie shop of my dreams.


20 thoughts on “Pie

  1. beachhousefarmhouse says:

    I want pie for dessert, now. Lemon meringue, anything lemon or lime. What a great ‘slice.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. For such an adorable store name, that was really quite disappointing to hear that they did not meet your expectations. Don’t they know that a pie shop has a lot of pressure to be good on pie day? They definitely should’ve stepped up their game a little.

  3. How disappointing when your taste buds were asking for more. My sister in law brought pie last night in honor of the day. I love how you weave your surprised disappointment into the piece.

  4. darlasalay says:

    Wow. Thought you were going to say how yummy the pie was. Sure looks great in the picture. Sometimes dreaming about something is better than the reality. Fun post.
    Darla & Jen

  5. Sorry your expectations were not met…after all the anticipation of finding the place. I wonder if the other pies would have been better? But, I probably would not go back to see. We talked about getting some pie yesterday…but forgot. I know where you can get some yummy Tandy Cake! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Caramel apple chile? I can’t imagine that combination. I smiled when you described your experience getting there. That always happens when we try to go to Ted Drewes. My favorite line, “I am crushed with disappointment, my visions of pie evaporated.” Beautifully written!

  7. I know that disappointment…when you are anticipating something being really good, and it turns out to be just okay, it’s a big let down. I’m glad you got some pie on Pi Day, but sorry it wasn’t what you were hoping for!

  8. Your storytelling is so strong. You really wanted pie and so many things were getting in the way. My daughter is in France now and posted yesterday to facebook: Pi day is really difficult to explain to people who think today’s date is 14/03….a different perspective that I thought you’d appreciate.

  9. Joyce says:

    Nuts!!! I had visions of a beautiful, yummy,coconut cream….or perhaps a lovely lemon meringue. Couldn’t wait to read your descriptions of those creamy, dreamy Southern Living visions. Sigh.

  10. Carrie Horn says:

    The anticipation of the over-priced treat adds to the let down when it doesn’t meet our expectations. So sad.

  11. All that anticipation and expectation only to be let down! I am sorry to hear that. Although it is not pie, I will eat an extra Tandy Cake today and think of you.

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