Missing . . . Again

As I am walking away from the car, into Sam’s, I touch my jacket pocket to confirm the presence of my phone. I touch nothing. There is no phone in my pocket. Panic starts to rise. I’ve been here before. Just as quickly the panic subsides. I’ve been no where else. Calmly I walked back to the car to see if it was in the door handle well or if it had fallen out next to my seat. A quick check of the front seat and door confirmed I must have left it at home.

I think back to what I was doing before leaving home. I must have left it on the coffee table when I looked up the phone number of a pizza place. Dumb move, I think to myself. I had several errands, I planned to call in a pizza so I could take it home for lunch when the said errands were complete. Resolutely I resigned myself to sitting and waiting for the pizza instead of breezing in to pick it up.

I trudged into Sam’s to pick up the few items on my list while weighing in my mind do I run home quickly to fetch my phone or just live the old fashioned out-of-touch life for the morning? Back and forth the thoughts volleyed like the ball in a tennis match. No, that’s silly, don’t go home. Yes, go home, what if someone calls? No, you can go an hour without the phone. As I walked out, I’d made the decision . . . I’d run home and drop the Sam’s items off and pick up my phone.

I opened the back door to set my granola and green beans down when I spot my phone lying on the floor behind the driver’s seat. Relief floods through my body as I quickly claim my phone and drop it into my purse, not my pocket this time. No need to return home. The agenda of the day was back on track. FYI: the pizza was delicious! 🙂