Is Someone Watching?

Perched on the couch, computer resting on my lap, I am busily surfing the extensive list of those who are writing for Slice of Life. I read, I comment, I repeat. Hours drift away during the day and evening as I become entangled in the pieces of life shared.

Suddenly my computer alerts me that there is no connection. What? Irritation rises quickly. I’ve been having some issues with my network adapter (what ever that is). At times I have been informed that the default gateway is not available (what are you talking about?).

When an internet interruption occurs, my eyes immediately glance at the internet button on the top row to see if it is white or red. If it is red, I click on Open Network and Sharing Center. Usually a couple of clicks and the gateway is reset, the button is glowing a bright white light and I am breathing a little easier. I don’t know what I did or what the problem is, but it is all good for now.

Today, I gasp a bit when I see the list of networks available.


OMG! What!? In my neighborhood? My first instinct is to jump in the car, cruise through the streets, searching for a van sitting alongside the road, knock on the van door, and question the reason they are here. But then I take a deep breath, look outside at the snow, and return to my previous perch. My computer is connecting once again. However, I am keeping my eye out for vans in the neighborhood.