Surprise on the Road

I had been away from home for the whole week. While I was gone another snow storm had passed through our state leaving roads treacherous for several days. But by the time I was on the road to get home, they were mostly dry and clear.

Driving west is always tricky in the evening. The sun sinks lower and lower, blinding the driver, until it finally disappears. Headlights are a poor substitute for light.

Hours of driving clicked by, bringing home closer and closer every moment. Finally my exit, which means I only have a mile and a half to travel before I reach comforts of home.

Off the highway, I start to increase my speed, but quickly realize that this side road is not as cleared as the highway. I turn again to a less traveled road and discover this road is barely cleared. Immediately I began to apply my breaks, but suddenly my headlights reveal a VERY large object before me in the road. Fortunately, I had slowed prior to the massive shape appearing. Two eyes reflected back to me. It was a stare down between my headlights and the enormous cow standing in the road. The cow blinked first, then he ambled to the side where he joined his fellow escapee in the yard. They trotted off disappearing into the dark.

I hope they found their way home or their owner found them before something happened to them. I wondered what the homeowner ย thought when he saw the giant footprints in his snow.


19 thoughts on “Surprise on the Road

  1. Tam says:

    So glad your instincts told you to slow down. I was surprised to read that the creature was a cow. We have so many deer here. On the lighter side–no camera shots, Elsie?!

  2. I was in for another surprise. I was not expecting a cow! Thank goodness you were watching. That could have been very dangerous. I am sure the footprint were a surprise!

  3. Loved how you described the encounter especially how the element of surprise was built up. I liked the words ambled and how the hours clicked by. Very interesting slice, I was expecting a deer.

  4. Judy C. says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter to these critters, they all think they own the roads that we drive on. So glad you were able to stop in time and let her pass without an incident.

  5. Jaana says:

    A COW on the road?? In the middle of winter??? I don’t think I would have been as calm. I wonder if the owner realized his cows were missing before milking time?

  6. So glad you were able to avoid hitting this LARGE creature. I had it happen one time coming over a hill. My friend and I slowed down, made a call to some neighbors, and somehow encouraged it to get off the road. Deer are horrible but a cow is unforgiving. Love my hamburgers but not this way.

  7. Quite a surprise! I was thinking another critter or perhaps a deer, but not a cow!?! I loved “he joined his fellow escapee.” That made me smile. Also, like lromainbrown, I wonder what the cow’s journal and version of this story would be! (Tomorrow’s slice – point of view?) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing elsie and I’m glad you made it home safe!

  8. I didn’t expect a cow. The most unusual thing, for me at least, that ever crossed my path when coming home was a black bear. It just moseyed across the road as I was coming down the mountain. Glad I wasn’t going too fast.

  9. Now a cow is indeed an unexpected surprise! Your slice brought back memories of driving on treacherous winter roads. I do NOT miss the driving, but I must admit, I do miss first snows, crackling fires and sweaters. I realize I run the risk of being eliminated from the challenge singing my praise for winter after enduring the long, harsh winter many are experiencing, but I speak the truth. For now. Today I enjoyed your winter. Glad you were not hurt.

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