Orchids Here, Orchids There

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Tropical bird calls beckon

Step through the door


Lush greenery: moss, ferns, palms

Sparks of color everywhere


Paparazzi’s powerful lens


Zoom, focus, snap

IMG_1936 (1)

Tangerine, apricot, salmon


Snowy, milky, pearly


Fuchsia, magenta, cerise


Lime, jade, chartreuse


Orchid cups

cup shape orchid

Colors pop

Colors blend

Each orchid



25 thoughts on “Orchids Here, Orchids There

  1. I LOVE how you organized your picture collages by color – how powerful. I enjoyed this collection of words – Lush greenery: moss, ferns, palms. It really defines different kinds of lush greenery.

  2. Not only are orchids beautiful, they are so sexy! Your combined words and photos today have exceeded even your typically excellent Slices. I think you’re ready for your own website! Keep those photos and words coming…we love them.

  3. I’ve reread your poem many times, Elsie. The verbs discover, compete and capture are so perfect for the essence of this piece. It reminds that words hold power when working in harmony with others to create meaning. Something we all strive to do as writers, and you’ve created an effective mentor piece for this “budding” writer. Thanks.

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