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A day arrives where nothing is required. No chores to complete. No meals to prepare. Freedom to meander as one pleases. These days are rare, but Friday was such a day.

Destination of the day St. Louis. We did have an agenda of places to visit, but there was no rush to get to any single place. The pace was leisurely.

First on our list was the botanical gardens. An orchid show was the draw, but the mild temperatures took us on a stroll through the gardens first. Although it’s not quite blooming season, we were not disappointed.

Crocuses have popped through the grass.


A few early blooming trees had bees buzzing in and out of the blossoms.


Bare tree branches intrigue me with their complicated network of limbs.


A few more glimpses of nature’s beauty on a lovely March day. The top two are a Star Magnolia. The bud of the Star Magnolia is fuzzy like a pussy willow. The second row has an early crab apple, a contorted Filburt, and Hellebore. Final row: Only a few daffodils were open, more will be blooming in a few weeks. The spiky yellow bloom is Witch Hazel.IMG_1925

After strolling around the outside gardens, we returned inside to view the orchids (that post will come tomorrow).

The next portion of our day involved shopping. I know that does not sound appealing to some, but the stores we visited are not in our city, so we take advantage every time we come to St. Louis. Costco was first on our list. They had several items on sale we needed. Of course we had to try a few of the samples offered. Chocolate gummy bears have never appealed to me, and they still don’t. Jelly bellys left an unpleasant taste which was removed by trying a giant green olive. Surprisingly, we walked out with only the items from our list. Trader Joe’s was next to be visited. Only a few items needed there too.

Finally, it was time for dinner. We had a gift card for a new-to-us restaurant. We had a delightful waiter, who shared his favorites from the menu. Fortunately we were early enough to take part in the price break from happy hour on a glass of wine and an appetizer. Every bite was delicious! I meant to take pictures, but I forgot until the food was mostly consumed. Sorry!

A fantastic Friday filled with flowers, food, and finds doesn’t come along every day, so I celebrate my good fortune on this day.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.

Be sure to visit Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life.


31 thoughts on “Celebrate a Day

  1. Joyce says:

    I think it is so wonderful to be in the comfort of a bed and have the spring described so beautifully. Almost like being there. Thank you for the journey.

  2. Terje says:

    Great that you had a wonderful free, fully free, day. The flowers are beautiful. We are still waiting for the spring to arrive in Estonia.

  3. I love all the life that shows us spring is coming. I love the days with nothing to do–they usually don’t happen, though. I find I have to create them by making a space for them.

  4. What a beautiful day! You did a fantastic job capturing it and sharing it with your readers through both words and photos. I’m happy I got to take a jaunt with you through the Botanic Garden! It was invigorating.

  5. Michelle Nero says:

    What a beautiful visit to the gardens! Wow — gives me hope that spring will creep it’s way north soon! Love your shopping adventure … sounds like my Mom and Dad! One stop they always make when they visit is Costco too! Thanks for bringing us with on your journey!

  6. Wow I can’t believe how far along spring is there. My first magnolia bud came out just today! I walked outside and squealed! Wonderful pictures, as always! You and Terje should write a book together with your pictures!

  7. Wow, gorgeous pictures (as always!), elsie! The crocuses especially caught my eye, because we just took my baby outside to see my dad’s crocuses blooming yesterday afternoon!

  8. The pictures of the tree branches captured my attention the most! It gave me a reason to look out my kitchen window and study the branches of our Maple tree. Such beauty in it’s “complicated network of limbs.” -Love that line.

  9. Ashley says:

    What a wonderful meandering day. I love those kind! Thanks for sharing the beautiful spring pictures – I’m anxiously awaiting spring here in New England!

  10. I celebrate being a fortunate, virtual friend who gets to visit the flora vicariously with you. Thank you for taking us along with you on your walk. The bare branched trees are so mysterious and wondrous. Great post!

  11. Melanie Roy says:

    Wow! What a great day! I like that you savored it and took pictures for all your readers to enjoy with you. I am very impressed with your photos and the way that you were able to create collages. I’m glad you got a day without chores and just fun! It’s very rare as an adult!

  12. That was a great day and it comes through in your writing. I found myself anticipating the next part, and love the alliterative ending. Can’t wait to see your orchids. Longwood Gardens orchid exhibit is ending soon. It was spectacular!

  13. Elsie, those trees! All the photos of the gardens are fantastic but those trees are insane. I love them. I must go see them one day! I was a big fan of how you opened this post. The meandering days in which you leisurely packed in a lot! The last sentence 😉 perfection.

  14. Wow, so many blooms already. It will be a while before I see such beauty here. I’m glad you shared, Elsie. And the rest of the day sounds good, too, getting a few needed things and ending with a wonderful meal. A “delicious” day.

  15. rosecappelli says:

    Love the pictures! I remember visiting the botanical gardens when I was in St. Louis for ILA last summer. We were caught in a thunderstorm, but it was a still a great experience. Wonderful alliteration in that last sentence. I found myself saying it out loud just for fun.

  16. This is my second “virtual walk” with a Slicer today. How amazing that I can go to these wonderful places with a good friend and take in all your favorite sights! I love botanical gardens, anywhere, so I especially loved your photos and am impressed with your knowledge of all the species of plants and trees you saw. I am amazed that so much is already in bloom in your part of the world. Here, things are popping up, but not yet at the blooming stage. Thanks for this early dose of spring, Elsie!

  17. Judy C. says:

    Always a delightful way to spend a day – just meandering. Love the pictures and descriptions. And to top it all off with a yummy dinner with wine. My kind of day!

  18. Lynn says:

    The pictures are beautiful, Elsie! I also love bare trunk trees, you captured some beauties. Sounds like your day was jammed pack with fun!

  19. “Flowers, food, and finds…” a day worth celebrating! As always, I really enjoyed your pictures. Your descriptions made me feel as if I were right there, enjoying the gardens, shopping (love Trader Joe’s), and dinner out.

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