Text Messages Bring Smiles

The text tone on my phone is listed as glass. It sings a high pitched “Ding, ding” whenever a text comes in.

Previously, that sound did not raise my heartbeat or send me scurrying to locate my phone. But that’s all changed. Now, anticipation runs high whenever the high pitched ding plays. It could be a picture sent half way across the country bringing my granddaughter into the palm of my hand.

Clara was born January 3. We arrived to meet and greet her January 5. We spent the next four days holding her and savoring every moment with our family in California. Ever since then we have only had photos and videos sent via the phone. I am eternally grateful that we have the technology to bring family closer.


Great grandfather meets his great granddaughter.

Great grandfather meets his great granddaughter.




26 thoughts on “Text Messages Bring Smiles

  1. Oh what a beautiful smile she has! It must be so hard not being with her all the time. I know it was hard for me when mom and dad weren’t around when Max was born. At least they are sending you pictures and texts. Technology is good for that. She is absolutely beautiful! You will need to make another visit soon!

  2. Jaana says:

    That smile is worth hurrying up to check any message any time of the day! Hopefully you’ll be able to hold the sweet soon again!

  3. Oh, she is a cutie. Great grandpa looks quite proud. And won’t it be great when you can hear her own little laugh as your ringtone? Technology ain’t so bad I guess.

  4. Judy C. says:

    Si adorable! I know what you mean about texts, e-mails and Skype – they were (and still are) what makes my day. Hope you have a trip planned soon for your “Grandma fix”.

  5. What a beautiful little girl. Isn’t it wonderful–the gift of technology! I love that your heart races when you hear the “ding-ding”. It is bringing you closer that that adorable little baby!

  6. Oh Elsie, she is so darling! I had forgotten that her name was Clara. I just read a new picture book with the little girl on the bus going to visit her grandma. Her name is Clara! Find The Bus Ride by Marianne Dubuc!

  7. Lynn says:

    Oh my gosh she is sooooo cute! I know the feeling of hearing those text messages coming in…it only gets better! Wait until she starts sending the texts…I just get a full heat when my niece, nephew or grand kids send me texts.

  8. She is just so precious. May you have many high pitched “ding dings” on your phone announcing new pictures and videos. So, when is your next trip out?

  9. mlvteach says:

    As I have been lamenting the fact that my classroom Promethean board isn’t working correctly, and my laptop’s battery had to be replaced, and the SmartTV doesn’t work when there’s an ice storm (and you want to cuddle up and watch movies or Hulu)…just when I was lamenting all of these things, I read your post. It’s nice to be able to say, “Technology works and is wonderful!”

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