Reverso Poem

At the beginning of the month, this is a poem that filled my mind.


Now we have reached the final day of March, the challenge has been met. I can reverse the poem and celebrate.

My poems are examples of a reverso poem developed by Marilyn Singer. In her book Mirror, Mirror she wrote:

mirror mirror

“We read most poems down a page. But what if we read them up? That the question I asked myself when I created the reverso. When you read a reverso down, it is one poem. when you read it up, with changes allowed only in punctuation and capitalization it is a different poem.”

At the beginning of March, I am always tentative. What will I write? Will I have time to read and comment? On the last day of March, I breathe a sigh of relief. I traveled through the month and met the challenge. I celebrate!

I can answer the question of the second poem, What will I do? I will continue to write and post on Tuesdays. I hope you will join in and continue to share a slice of your life.




41 thoughts on “Reverso Poem

  1. Mandy Robek says:

    Elsie, I love how you started and ended your writing this month. I’ve never thought or knew about reverso poems. I really hope to meet you in person one day and give you a big hug. I don’t know if you commented on each post daily or picked a few to always to return to but I am so thankful you have been part of my journey this month. I found such encouragement and comfort in your comments. See you on Tuesdays.

  2. I was trying to tell you earlier, before my phone died, how much I love this! I have seen this before because I have that book and I have always thought it would be so cool to try it, but I couldn’t wrap my head around how to start. You did it! I am in awe and am impressed! You are an amazing writer and I so enjoy reading your thoughts! Thank you for inviting me on this journey with you!

  3. crbrunelle says:

    I am always impressed by those reversos. Nice work there. And thank you for all of the many comments you shared on my blog and on others. You are a supporter and you made my month better.

  4. The world is a brighter place because you are in it! You are a ray of sunshine which shines from your blog to all of ours. I hope you truly understand what your contribution to our writing lives means. I think I speak for many. I hope you accept Margaret’s invitation too – when you have time, please consider writing poetry this month with #digipoetry! We would all love to continue learning from you. And I can’t wait see you again at All Write!

  5. mrssurridge says:

    No way! That is way too hard to do! I have the book Mirror, Mirror and every time I read it I am amazed that someone could actually create reversos (reversoes? reversi?…Now I’ve seen it in action. Very impressive. It is also impressive how much time you spend encouraging others to write. I would say that you had already commented on at least 85% of the blogs I commented on during this month. Not to mention, the number of encouraging comments you left me. Getting to read your slices was just icing on the cake. Obviously, you are a gem.

  6. Elsie, as always you are a staunch supporter of your fellow writers. Your contribution across this marvellous March challenge is inestimable. Even on the final day you have provided a pearl of an idea for the poets who dwell within us. Love it. Best wishes and eternal gratitude for all your efforts.

  7. rosecappelli says:

    Once again you have inspired me, Elsie. I have always been a little fearful of trying a reverso. Now I will have to try! “See” you on Tuesdays, and hopefully in St. Louis in July!

  8. Judy C. says:

    Once again, your cleverness has come thru. Thanks for all the slices you’ve shared and for always stopping by to leave a comment. One of these days we need to get together again! I’m in need of a Springfield fix. See you next Tuesday!

  9. I’ve loved every one of your slices! So clever in your words and your way. I agree with Bethany and I’m so lucky to have met you. Here’s to more slicing and celebrating!

  10. Phillip van someren says:

    Did you ever have a student who read bottom to top or wrote line one left to right with his left and line two right to left but with the other hand? If so, what does that suggest?

  11. Thanks, Else! I love this idea. I’ve collected several ideas for writing poetry. I will add this to my list. Reverso Poems! What did you use to create the post-it looking pics behind your poetry. Nice! D πŸ™‚

  12. margaretsmn says:

    Love your reverso poem. You don’t have to stop. Keep going. Write every day in April for National Poetry Month. Use #DigiPoetry. Spread the word. Trying to keep our community alive and writing.

  13. Thank you, Elsie. You have been an inspiration and a mentor. Like so many others, I have enjoyed getting to know you and this wonderful writing community. Here is my quick little Reverso from the beginning of the month to now.

    Where can I express myself?
    I need to write.
    What shall I do?
    A Blogging Challenge.

    A Blogging Challenge
    What shall I do?
    I need to write.
    HERE I can express myself.

  14. I have used that story but have never worked with it in poetry. Great idea and yours worked so well.
    I will have to share that with others and give it a try. Thanks – look forward to reading your posts on Tuesdays.

  15. This is wonderful! I must try this format soon and see if my students can give it a whirl as well. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog, and I am planning to keep up with everyone on Tuesdays. I can hardly wait until next week!

  16. Elsie, I always searched for your post knowing I would find something unusual and engaging to read about. Although my style is much more wordy than yours, I have learned a lot about slicing from you through both your choice of topics and your creativity in presenting your thoughts. I confess to looking for your comment every day…it made such a difference to know you were out there reading and responding. And I learned so many wonderful things about life in Missouri!

  17. Lynn says:

    So creative . . . I will need to borrow this! I’ve enjoyed reading your slices Elsie and thanks for commenting on mine!

  18. I like this idea. I also enjoy reading books that start with the last chapter and end with the first…Jeffrey Deaver’s The October List comes to mind.

    I have enjoyed your posts all month and look forward to your weekly posts.

    Thank you, also, for your daily comments on my posts.

  19. I love it! Did you plan that all the way back in the beginning of March? So clever. The perfect reverso poem to sum up this challenge! Thanks for another journey together. I always appreciate you stopping by my little corner of the world and leaving your thoughts. See you next Tuesday!

  20. Great poem. Love how it captures how we felt at the beginning and the end–just by changing order. I think this must be hard to do! Thanks for all of the comments you give to so many in this writing community!

  21. I remember this and it really does have a different meaning now in reverse. How very cool is that? 31 done again. Another year I got to know you better, your easy-going way of thinking how you’ll write each day or week. I’ve been a fan of your Celebrate Saturday’s even when I didn’t have time to comment. You are the most welcoming slicer in the whole bunch, official Wagon status aside. You could write “nice slice!” On all of them but you don’t. You take a moment to interact in some way with everyone. I know you are one to read all of my pieces for two March’s and year round. It’s a little thing that keeps us trucking along, I think. Someone is paying attention, reading, appreciating the effort. It’s a lovely, lovely quality of yours. I find your comments engaging on my blog and I see your little avatar everywhere, saying hello to everyone. Another wonderful 31. I’m glad to have “met” you. πŸ™‚

  22. I love this! I will definitely be slicing on Tuesdays, and one of the motivators for me in completing this challenge was definitely your comments–thanks for all you contribute to this community.

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