Art in the Yard

Snow blanketsIMG_0742

the yard,


a canvas

for Earth’s day star

to dabble in art,

line drawings IMG_0743


through the day.


Evening erases

newly drawn sketches.

Canvas prepped for






27 thoughts on “Art in the Yard

  1. shaggerspicchu says:

    Oooooooo I love this poem. You chose your few words so carefully. I really enjoyed the snowy pictures too!

  2. You are always an inspiration for what you can find when you just look. I have long been enamored by shadows and their unique beauty. So cool the way you looked for new drawings daily.

  3. Beautiful! I loved the pictures too– the blanket of snow covering your backyard is so serene and untouched; our perfect blanket will last for about 20 minutes until the dogs are begging to go out and play in it.

  4. How often have I watched the shadows in the snow…but never thought of them as the sun’s artwork. Now I will…and as you said…ever changing. The pictures you took compliment your words…all so beautiful. I think I will take some of my own sun art since we still have the canvas of snow.

  5. Ooooooh Elsie! I love this. It’s a much more positive take on the snow than I expected. The poem is living in the winter moment you find yourself in and soaking in the ways the night changes what is created in the day? Wow. Love that. And always the photos only add to enhance the meaning. Perhaps they were the inspiration? Whichever way it went. It’s lovely!

  6. I love the idea of the snow being a canvas and the sun painting pictures with shadows. Today is sunny here in Rochester. I look forward to seining what earth’s day star paints.

  7. Your photography is amazing . . . I was trying to guess the canvas while waiting for your post to load – and I totally missed it!

    And your verse -” for Earth’s day star to dabble in art” – LOVELY!

    What a great start to the week! Thank you!

  8. I can hardly stop looking at the shadows on snow, haven’t taken any pictures lately, and now our snow has nearly melted. Elsie, this is beautiful, that ‘canvas for earth’s day star’! Have a good day!

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