Weather Or Not

One week ago I gripped the steering wheel tightly. My jaw clenched, eyes trained on the road ahead and the traffic behind. A snowstorm blew in and I was ninety miles from home. Slowly I made my way home. Fortunately, I made it with no problem.

Fast forward to yesterday. Sun roof open revealing cloudless blue skies. Windows lowered to catch the warm breeze. Yes, this is the spring we are longing for!

My husband and I head out to a greenhouse that is having an open house. He wants to see what they are offering this year. This is only a viewing and gathering of ideas, it is way too early to collect plants.

Ice plant blooms are so pretty when you've only seen the brown outside. These blooms are smaller than a dime.

Ice plant blooms are so pretty when you’ve only seen the brown outside. These blooms are smaller than a dime.

We wander through various greenhouses. One is devoted to orchids and ferns. I admire but walk away as one lady is guarding the plants on a table. The look in her eye says “Step away, these are mine.”

Citrus trees fill another greenhouse. Meyer lemon, lime, Mandarin orange, and kumquat trees are offered if you have a sunny spot inside the house. Some are loaded with fruit. One tree in particular captures my attention, Buddha hand. I never thought I’d see one growing in Missouri.

The blossom of a Buddha hand.

The blossom of a Buddha hand.

The beginning of the Buddha hand. Can you see the fingers?

The beginning of the Buddha hand. Can you see the fingers?

The tag on the plant to show what the developed plant looks like.

The tag on the plant to show what the developed fruit looks like.


Ideas gathered, we leave. Casual conversation in the car ceases as the announcer begins the weather report:

Temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. We will be in the single digits tonight. Be aware that blowing snow will make driving conditions hazardous. We expect six inches of snow to fall through the night. 

We turn to look at each other with confusion clouding our eyes, “What?! No way!” are the protests offered since we are basking in the sixty-five degree temperature from the warm rays of sunshine flooding our car. Suddenly we laugh, as we realize that someone at the radio station played the weather report from last weekend. Wonder if anyone noticed?




28 thoughts on “Weather Or Not

  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate the first signs of spring – visiting a greenhouse! Loved the photos! And what a funny thing to catch on the radio. I’ve often wished that radios had a “rewind,” like our TV does…that was something to hear again. Come on, spring!

  2. You wove this so well. Mentioning the snow storm and then fast forward to today’s warmer weather. Then all the lovely plants, the greenhouses and the sunshine. The weather report confused me because it didn’t match up. I started to back up and re-read but then read to the end. Funny that should happen. Well told.

  3. Such gorgeous photos! Hope you got home safely. One of the deciding factors when I retired was that I would no longer have to make the 30 min. drive each way to school each. Last winter was terrible – was I ever glad to stay home. This year has just had some crazy weather. We got above freezing today – and now it’s cold again.

  4. So glad the weather report was a faux paus today – yikes! After being in that gorgeous greenhouse of plants, a repeat of last week’s weather was just seem downright cruel! Glad you had such a lovely day.

  5. Today was the first day in 2015 when I really felt like spring would come again–if I had heard that weather report, I think I would have started crying! Love the pictures with this post 🙂

  6. We both wrote about the weather today! Loved going into the greenhouse with you and seeing the plants. I was totally pulled in by that weather report. Glad for you that it was last week’s.

  7. Judy C. says:

    Makes one wonder if we can believe anything we hear on the radio or tv or read on the internet. The pictures are so refreshing. I’ve never seen a Buddha’s Hand before – it is quite an interesting looking fruit.

  8. Your pictures made me want to visit a greenhouse…but as of now…I think we are going to have to find homes for most of our plants….we have them all piled in Ray’s office as it gets the best light and has the most space…and is the one room that our new kitties are not allowed. They go straight for the plants…especially Ray’s mother’s shamrock plant that I had nursed back to health…and do not want it eaten by a cat. So…back to your post….I was worried about the weather report, and laughed when you said you were listening to the week before. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

  9. Tam says:

    Ah, a trip to a greenhouse! The snow storm broadcast is unreal. Curious about that buddha hand. I’ve seen them being sold in grocery stores. Taste? Didn’t look good enough to eat to me. Probably interesting to grow. Thanks for an introduction into spring

  10. I’m looking out the window and loving that the patches of grass are getting bigger and the snow is shrinking under the beautiful sun. Many of us are itching to see a big of color, but it’s coming soon. I loved the surprise weather report at the end of your story. 🙂

  11. Your blurb captured my interest because my 11 year old and I often discuss if we should be believe everything we hear on tv or radio or see on the internet. I liked the suspense of trying to figure out how that tied in throughout the piece. Very creative! I also LOVE the title!

  12. I can relate to the emotions of thinking we are through this horrible winter then to hear that our spring is not yet coming is so sad. But at least the report was an old one. Where I am it is now snowing again. 😦

  13. Beautiful pictures. Of course, right now I can’t imagine anything growing in our yard s it sits covered in several inches of snow. Oh, wait! Are those willows on the pussy will bush ready to pop? Are those buds on the lilac bushes getting ready to make their appearance? Yes! there is hope for us here.

  14. You are so creative with your slices. The pictures add so much to the description. Thanks for the small glimpse of what is to come and stay!

  15. So funny! I’m so glad you are turning toward spring. I love the tour through greenhouses and the education on the Budda’s Hand. As always your posts take me to wherever you go.

  16. Too, too funny! I am so looking forward to seeing the color return as well. Yesterday, it got up to 50 degrees here in Wisconsin. I went shopping — without a jacket — and it felt wonderful!!


  17. Lynn says:

    Oh this is too funny! I love the pics and especially love the Buddha Hand! I wonder if it will be available or do well in New Mexico?

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